Fretless Guitar Quotations

Fretless Guitar Quotations

Its time somebody said something about the Fretless Guitar.
In fact its time to gather all the quotations by the famous and
soon to be famous and post them here. Starting with the classic…

There’s no such thing as a fretless guitar. You’re bloody making it up. Get out.
Nigel Tufnel, Spinal Tap, 1984.

I do have a fretless guitar, and I’m pretty good on that.
Frank Zappa, 1973

The Slide is on the other Side.
Ned Evett, 2005 (when asked if he ever used a bottleneck)

Playing FretLess Guitar is like having sex without a condom. It is more Dangerous & just Feels better.
Michael ATONAL Vick, 2004

Fret not thyself
Proverbs 24:19 (Biblical)

Oh that Instrument has Frets????? I think we can get those out.
MV, 2004

FretLess Guitar is a feeling like no other; please come & join the next true evolution in our beloved instrument of choice!
Michael Vick, July 2004

Fretless guitar is like abstract painting, but with music.
Billy Dugger IV, October 2004

Now is a good time to pull out the old frets (detwelvulation).
Buzz Kimball, 2003

Surf’s up dude. Fret Ye Not!
Simon Bradley, Surfretter review, Guitarist, May 1998

Don’t let me find an Instrument with Frets on it in this House………….
AC, 2004

The Fretless Guitar allows players to access MicroTones like never before, and this idea opens the Musical World to various new colors and tones never heard from the fretted guitar; which is the most played instrument in the World today.
Michael L. Vick, 2005

Referring to the cumbus (Turkish 12 string fretless banjo): You only play it if you’re a chainsmoking alcoholic loser from a despised ethnic minority with a long string of petty criminal convictions.
Jack Campin, 2005

Cheap guitars don’t look & feel cheap anymore once unfretted.
Emre Meydan, 2005

You play the blues guitar with your soul, and the fretless guitar with your spirit.
Jahloon, 2005

The future of the guitar is missing something – frets.
MAV, 2005

Guitar without frets is like girl without a beard.
Majkan – Croatia, 2007

In a never ending quest for unique guitar sounds and unique music, one must consider a change in the most basic aspect of the instrument; the frets.
WolfV11 – New York, USA, 2008

You fret if you want to, this gentleman is not for fretting.
Jahloon, 2014

One thing is certain though, this [fretless] guitar will be a big part of the sound. I anticipate a whole new melodic style to develop over the next few years. A more vocal approach to melodies and some totally unique tones. For me this feels like the equivalent of walking on the moon.
Dweezil Zappa, Jan 2015

Universal Sounds: Why do you feel women seem to love the Fretless Guitar & Microtones‬ so much?
Michael Vick: Well, it should be obvious; everything is harder.
Excerpt from a 2015 interview

After a little while on the fretless it feels so much more connected, direct, and immediate, when I get back to the standard guitar the frets feel like speed bumps.
Kimock, thegearpage forum, 2015

Stay ahead of the curve and ride that wave, if you can see the bandwagon, its too late to jump on….
Jahloon, September 2015

John Zervos: You’ve worn your frets out
David Park: Nah – it’s just one giant fret.
Facebook conversation about Vigier Surfretter Fretless. July 2017

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