Fretless Guitar and Associated Links

Fretless Guitar and Associated Links

Fretless Guitar Manufacturers:

Vigier Guitars

Vigier logo

Patrice Vigier, French Fretless Manufacturer with over 35 years experience making fretless guitars. Their current fretless models Excalibur Surfreter (Supra and Special) offer excellent sustain and expressivity and are used by artists Gary Moore, Shawn Lane, Jean Beauvoir, Frank Vigroux and Ron Thal, to name just five. Read our profile of Patrice Vigier.

Godin Guitars

Godin logo

Canadian Manufacturer of the Multiac Fretless Nylon SA, the eleven string Glissentar and the Multioud.

Fretless Guitar Suppliers:

AFG – Acoustic Fretless Guitars

Based in the UK, and run by Andrew William, they supply a single round back electro acoustic model AFR6 at £349

Smoothboard Fretless Guitars

Smoothboard logo

Based in the USA offering two electric models; a Strat based fretlesss at $247 and a double cut Les Paul type fretless at $397 both guitars are manufactured in Vietnam.

Fretless Classical Guitars

Offers a service converting classical guitars to fretless with the occasional fretless classical for sale.


Click on the link above for our page dedicated to individual luthiers crafting fretless guitars.

Rothstein Guitars – Andy Rothstein’s custom guitar shop in Woodbridge, New Jersey featuring a pictorial fretless conversion done for Vinnie Zummo. Andy also applies epoxy finishes to necks.

Sankey Guitars – Mike Sankey has some fine minimilist fretless guitars on his Canadian based website.

O’Donnell Custom Guitars – Melbourne, Australia, specialist luthiers of Ed Genaro’s Betty & Wilma fretless guitars.

William Jeffrey Jones Guitars – a specialist luthier turning out beautiful instruments.

Music Sites:

Sound As Music

Sound As Music

Michael aTonal Vick’s Excellent Website; Sound As Music is the home of The Michael aTonal VVVick Trip, the NYC Fretless Guitar Festival, VVVEAD, MusicaMundana.TV, BASS FIGHT, WIT’S END & all things XenHarmonic.
“There are more than 12 notes per octave in our sonic-worlds.” mav

The Modern Hungarian Oriental Music

modern hungarian madam
Sándor Szabó’s site featuring the Hungarian Maqam. Hungarian acoustic guitarist Sándor has patiently peeled back the layers of Hungarian Folk music to reveal the original Maqams. Highly recommended.

Fretless Guitar Lessons

Excellent tutorial site by Cenk Erdogan – In English and Turkish

Music & Techniques by Chris Vaisvil

Chris Vaisvil’s excellent site featuring microtonal music in just about every tuning you can think of, and yes there are tracks played on fretless guitar. This site is a great resource.

Nice page featuring Godin’s Glissentar and Multi-oud with sound samples.

Guitar Sites:

Gtroblq Blogspot

Infinite Ego’s very well written “Psychopompos” featuring; Music, Guitars, Amps, Effects, Recording, Interviews, Rants, and Satire.

Prepared Guitar Blogspot

Prepared Guitar Blogspot

Very interesting website concentrating on prepared guitar and featuring over 300 interviews with guitarists in the “13 Questions” section.

Fretless Instruments:


Japanese Sanshin (great fretless instruments) this site is in English and can supply a variety of Japanese instruments.


Musician and luthier Viken Najarian’s Oud site, features his really outstanding instruments, recordings and accessories. The electric E-1000 brings a strikingly modern look to the traditional instrument.

Oud for Guitarists

oud for guitarists

Navid Goldrick’s excellent website which teaches Oud from a guitarist’s perspective. Sign up for a weekly newsletter.


All about the 12 string fretless banjo


The Site for New Directions in World Music

Music Shops

Austin Guitars

Austin Guitars Link

Run by guitar enthusiast Reg Clappison providing a personal service and stocking “Fretless Guitar – The Definitive Guide” book and the “Village of the Unfretted” double CD. The shop is located in Kirkby, just outside Liverpool, UK.

Mastering services

Gunnar Backman’s Mastering Studio

A performing fretless artist in his own right, Gunnar offers professional mastering services with discounts for fretless players.

Graphic / Artistic / Design services

Emre Meydan

The fretless guitarist responsible for our Wallpaper, and the excellent Converting an Electric Guitar to a Fretless Guitar, and all of the sumptous artwork on the Village of the Unfretted CD, now has a website showcasing his work which features illustration, artwork and website design.

Do It Yourself – Unfretting


Tone Tech Logo

At long last! A UK based guitar tools and spares site selling quality tools, parts, wood blocks, veneer etc. They have the ultimate fret removal tool at a very good price. Plus a lot of high quality Japanese made tools. Well worth a look! (Unfretted recommended)

Fret Not Guitar Repair

For a more in depth technical look at fret removal.


This is a good supplier of Luthier tools and Accessories, Based in the US.

More Luthier Links