NYC 2012 – The Festival that never was

Fretless Guitar Summit 2012

The Festival That Never Was

Early in 2012, Michael Vick planned an ambitious musical project, the Fretless Guitar Summit 2012. This was to be held in Brooklyn over three days in early October and had pre-booked the most ambitious presentation of fretless guitarists ever listed.

Artists booked to perform:

Erkan Oğur (Turkey), Tim Donahue (Japan), David Fiuczynski, Ned Evett, Randy Roos, Neil Haverstick, Elliott E# Sharp (NY), Jon Catler with Fretless Brothers & Willie McBlind (NY), Edward Powell (Canada), David West (Ecuador), Michael Atonal VVVick, Kevin Kastning, Scott McGill (UK), Consider The Source (NY), Mahan Mirarab (Iran), Paul Livingston (Lebanon), Timucin Sahin (NY), Adrian Romero (NY), Mustafa Stefan Dill, Jordan Ferreira, Morgan Kraft (NY), Aurelien Budynek (NY), Tom Shad, Michael Hafftka (NY), Erman Dirikan (Turkey), Bryan Betts, E. WolfV Jackson (NY), Jahloon (UK).


Vigier Guitars / Godin Guitars / Pentatonic Music (Greenpoint) / D. Fialho Custom Guitars / Sankey Guitars / Unfretted Records / Sound As Music Productions.

Crowd funding:

For the Fretless Guitar Summit to go ahead, funding of $35,000 was needed. Quite a modest sum considering all money was going to artists expenses and hiring the venue. Kickstarter was used as a crowd funding vehicle, but sadly the required sum was not reached and the project had to be shelved.

In Michael’s own words:

For future events the funding must be forthcoming from our strongest sources alongside modern crowd-sourcing and surprise-avenues as we currently look to prevail just based on the sheer number of creative fretless guitarists on the scene today, but you know people will always say that we need a really “big-name” player to give the necessary boost to the instruments popularity.…. Well, quite a few have played them a little by now but sitting in a studio somewhere is quite different than playing them night after night in front of people on a tour or performing a whole recording primarily with fretless guitars but you know, maybe the right person hasn’t come along yet. The real beauty is that anyone can remove the frets from a standard guitar and have a decent fretless palette to create from. We have of course shelved the Fretless Guitar Summit, for the time being. – Michael Vick

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