NYC 2005

NYC Fretless Guitar Festival 2005 &
Launch Party for the Village of the Unfretted CD

NYC fretless guitar festival poster

The Knitting Factory NYC, Saturday September 10th from 7 – 10 pm
IO Restaurant and Lounge, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NYC, Sunday Sept 11th, 7pm – 4am
The Knitting Factory, NYC, Monday September 12th from 7 pm – 2 am

Artists performing 2005:

Franck Vigroux, Elliott E# Sharp, The Tom Baker Quartet, Yan Vagh, Michael Atonal Vick & G5, Ed DeGenaro, Ratko Zjaca & Stanislav Mitrovic, Jim Kimsey, The Tim Mirth Group, Tellef Øgrim, Gunnar Backman & Tinnitus Therapy Trip, The Eric Rhodes Band, Newbie Brad & Pantha, Jahloon, MusicMundana.TV & Fretless Guitar Circus, Ben “Cole” Miller, Mikey Guitar.

Sponsors NYC 2005:

Vigier, Godin,, Atonal-Hole.

NYC 2005 Press:

NYC fretless fesitival 2005 Time out clips

Time Out, New York, clips

nyc fretless festival guitar player dec 2005


Guitar Player, December 2005

NYC fretless festival Guitare Classique, Décembre 2005

Guitare Classique, Décembre 2005 / Janvier 2005.

La Guitare – French website, three page review:

 Images from photgrapher Jesper de Jong

NYC fretless festival Ratco & Stanislav 2005
Ratko Zjaca with Stanislav on Sax.

NYC fretless Festival Eric Rhodes
Eric Rhodes plays the blues with the red strings.

NYC fretless festival Ed Degenaro
Ed Degenaro with his 6 string bass player.

NYC fretless festival Ed Degenaro
Ed DeGenaro with Vigier Surfretter.

NYC fretless festival Newbie Brad
Newbie Brad.

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