DFGF II 2007

Dutch Fretless Guitar Festival II 2007

Friday 16th November, HPC Cafe, Den Haag
Saturday 17th November, Musicon, Den Haag

Dutch Fretless Festival II

Artists performing:

Jahloon (UK), Gary Cocoran (Norway), Newbie Brad & Pantha (USA), Music Mafia (Mexico, NL), Fret de la Tourette (NL), Peter Verheul (NL), Albert Dambek (Germany), Neil Haverstick (USA), Onur Ataman (Turkey)

Festival Pictures:

Jahloon compere
Jahloon – Compere

Gary Cocoran reasons to be cheerful guitar
Gary Corcoran Gary Corcoran – fretless nylon classical – Norway

Newbie Brad
Newbie Brad fretless electric guitar USA, note reflection in mirror, top left

Pantha EWI
Pantha electronic wind instruments USA, performing in 3 Pups Music

Willem Niehorster fretless guitar

Willem – concert organiser, performing with Music Mafia
Willem Niehorster fretless electric guitar Mexico
Jesse van Beusekom synthesizer guitar Holland
Michiel Coolen drums Holland
Sander Koole bass Holland

Melle Weijters fretless guitar
Melle Weijters, performing as: Fret de la Tourette
Melle Weijters – fretless electric guitar Holland
Etienne Nillesen – drums

Peter Verheul fretless electric guitar, Holland
Peter Verheul fretless electric guitar, Holland

 Albert Dambeck fretless dobro guitar
Albert Dambeck fretless dobro Germany

Neil Haverstick fretless electric guitar
Neil Haverstick fretless electric guitar, USA

Slightly off-piste…

Jahloon, Newbie Brad, GaryJahloon, Newbie Brad, Gary – hey, we shrunk Brad!

Marina & Lisbeth
Marina & Lisbeth, do these ladies really hang round with Jeff & Gary?

Melle, Hann, Lisbeth and Gary
The children, Melle, Hann, Lisbeth and Gary having lots of fun while the real men (left, Adrian Monosynapsis, Chilly Willy, and Peter) talk about tonewoods, philosophy and microtones.

Brad, Willem, Gary, Pantha, Marina, Jeff
Brad, Willem, Gary, Pantha, Marina, Jeff

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