The Making of VOTU

The Making of Village of the Unfretted


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vote front cover large

Village of the Unfretted front cover.

guitar player nov 2005 unfretted

Getting noticed by Guitar Player!

guitar world fretless guitar festival

And also getting noticed by Guitar World.

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Village of the Unfretted, wallpaper

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800 x 600

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1024 x 768

village of the unfretted 1280x960

1280 x 960


Philosophy – Launch by mid 2005 a professional quality CD of current fretless guitar music, and promote this with publicity shots to Guitar Mags, Radio Stations etc. Make the CD available through on-line shops and digital distribution.

Release Date – The launch party / official release date was at the The Knitting Factory, New York, USA 10th & 12th September 2005.

Release Party Weekend
Michael Vick’s festival site featuring pictures from the event:

Unfretted’s page featuring press clippings from the event:
NYC festival press

La Guitare – French website, three page review:

Venue notes on the US release party:

The Knitting Factory
NYC, Saturday September 10th from 7 – 10 pm

Franck Vigroux
Elliot Sharp
The Tom Baker Quartet
Jim Kimsey
The Tim Mirth Group
Michael Atonal Vick / G5
Yan Vagh

IO Restaurant and Lounge
Williamsburg Brooklyn, NYC, CD listening and dinner,
Sunday Sept 11th from 7pm – 4am
Sound check starting earlier, and its pronounced EEE-OOO. This is an excellent venue as it gives us more time, & they will promote our Knitting Factory gigs too.

Franck Vigroux
Yan Vagh
The Tom Baker Quartet
Gunnar Backman & COLD
Newbie Brad & Pantha
Ratko Zjaca & Stanislav Mitrovic

Late night open improvisation with:
Ed DeGenaro
The Eric Rhodes Band
Geoffrey G5C
Michael Vick’s “Fretless Guitar Circus” featuring Metal, Glass, Epoxy, Ebony

The Knitting Factory
NYC, Monday September 12th from 7 pm – 2 am

Gunnar Backman & COLD
Eddie DeGenaro
Ratko Zjaca & Stanislav Mitrovic
Newbie Brad & Pantha
The Eric Rhodes Band
MusicMundan.TV w/VVV & G5
Ben “Cole” Miller

Album Tracks

Part I (disk one)
1 Hip To Hop – Eddie DeGenaro
2 Liftoff – Tim Donahue
3 The Evidence – Ned Evett
4 Balcan Fire – Vassilis Ketentzoglou
5 Village Waves – Yan Vagh
6 The shortcut – Emre Meydan
7 Barely Makin’ It – Eric Rhodes Band
8 Twelve is Even More Slippery – Tim Mirth
9 Pearl Land – C# Orchestra
10 Crunch – Edward Powell
11 Shamata – Sándor Szabó & Balazs Major
12 Art of Mung – Gazmungus
13 Hushabye – Jim Kimsey
14 Lullaby for Che – David Fiuczynski
15 Tuto E Come Prima – Ratko Zjaca & Stanislav Mitrovic
16 C.O.L.D. – Gunnar Backman

Part II (disk two)
1 Mafalda – Bumblefoot
2 Twins – Elliott Sharp
3 Return to Unfretted – Newbie Brad
4 Mathews Got A Noisy Haircut – James Went
5 Slide Thing Swamp Jam – Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry
6 Proximity of Wales – Jahloon
7 Untune Your Time – Luca Formentini and Andrea Nones
8 There is no such Thing – Tellef Øgrim
9 L.T.T.C. – Andrzej Izdebski
10 The Place of Three Roads – Greg Segal
11 Nook – The Tom Baker Quartet
12 La Traversata – Franck Vigroux & Cecile Rives
13 Aktur – Deniz Atalay
14 Nacimiento – Yannick Robert
15 The Effect of Living Backwards – Erik Hinds
16 Not Yesterday – Morgan Kraft
17 Regret – Billy Dugger IV
18 Rholex – Benjamin Miller
19 VVVick My Neck – Michael ATONAL Vick

Production Staff:
Emre Meydan – Cover and sleeve notes design
Tim Mirth – Mastering
Michael Vick – Press Officer
Jeff Berg – Producer


February 21st

Working name for label – Unfretted Records
Working name for CD – Village of the Unfretted
Working names only – open to better suggestions…

March 19th

Work in progress page posted

March 26th

Submissions being received

March 27th

Our intrepid press hound, Michael Vick, buttonholes STEVE VAI and tells him all about the fretless compilation CD. Unfortunately he didn’t have a contract for Steve to sign, so maybe next time round.

April 8th

The day we finally conceded there was too much material for a single CD, and went for a double CD release.

April 20th

And today we crossed the 74 minute boundary of received material, no looking back now!

April 30th

The deadline approaches – with 24 artists submitted we sent out final reminders to slide that track under the wire. Total running time is now over two hours!

May 2nd

The deadline’s gone – and there are a few stragglers, but nowt we can’t cope with. Many thanks to everyone for pulling out all the stops to get their work on board. Technically we have 92% of all the fretless recording artists we could find contributing. We also have kind apologies from artists who could not make it, due to contractual difficulties / being on tour / etc. This may be the only time in history that all the World’s artists on a single musical instrument have contributed to the same album.

May 7th

The tracks are all in, barring some minor hiccups, now its down to writing the liner notes.

May 15th

We now have a running order and two very full CDs, Two and a half hours of fretless fricketory.

May 22nd

The race is now on to get everything sorted by the end of May and off to the CD production company. Lots of interest in the New York launch at the Knitting Factory, so much so we are tentatively thinging of an overspill venue at the KCDC Skate Shop so if you have a fretless, why not come along and bolt some wheels on it?

May 28th

Getting close to a finished product, proofs of the front cover look very good, sorry no previews but the wait for the final product will be worth it.

June 1st

Applied for the official barcode that will track sales and tell us when we are the number one album – in the fretless top ten.

The CD is now officially titled “Village of the Unfretted” and the artists are described as the “World’s Fretless Guitarists” and if you don’t believe me, there are 16 countries involved:

Norway / Sweden / Poland / Greece / Turkey / Czech Republic / Croatia / Hungary
USA / France / England / Wales / Canada / Netherlands / Italy / Japan

June 4th

We have the barcode! So we can be sold anywhere, I guess.

June 10th

Unfretted printer and scanner PC down – more involuntary hair loss.

June 11th

Final approvals for liner notes circulating.

June 13th

Mastering completed, in transit to Unfretted.

June 15th

Liner notes completed.
All pictures received.

June 16th

Masters received at Unfretted.

June 24th

Masters delivered to CD production company.

June 27th

Artwork delivered to CD production company.

July 1st

Approval Masters received from production company.

July 2nd

Masters approved and signed off by Unfretted.

July 5th

Artwork proofs received, 16 page booklet, back cover and tray approved and signed off by Unfretted. CD on-body artwork not printed correctly, amendments to our specification are taking place, hopefully all will be resolved tomorrow and print run will be on as scheduled.

July 6th

Everything signed off by Unfretted. Its all at the pressing plant now, just a matter of waiting…

July 15th

Friday – plant phones to advise delivery Monday, we request a Saturday delivery for a few more sheckels.

July 16th

Saturday – 1002 CDs arrive, but elation and delight turn to dispondency as we find errors on three tracks. So we cannot issue the CD this week. All are on the first disc. Everything will have to go back to the plant. More news as we get it.

July 20th

CDs go back to the plant.

July 23rd

New master arrives for approval – tracks 3 onwards incorrect, rejected.

July 26th

2nd master arrives for approval – sounds great so far.

July 27th

Master checked for PQ (track ident) points. All AOK and approved, everything off to the plant, delivery date confirmation in a couple of days.

July 30th

Upload poster and make posters and flyers downloadable.

August 3rd

Application for UK MCPS licence is returned with a declaration that they have no claim in relation to any of the works on the CD. In addition no tracks have been refused inclusion for publishing. More or less what we already knew but things do have to be done by the book. This means the CD can be published and royalties due to the artists will be settled direct. Essentially as we planned. So good news all round.

August 10th

Finally we have a delivery date from the plant. All should arrive Tuesday 16th August, and we will be posting out the same day. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

August 16th

As promised all the CDs arrive.

August 17th

CDs posted out to contributing artists.

August 19th

Bulk shipment to the USA sent by Fedex.

August 20th

First CD sold on website via PayPal. (Thanks Rob)

August 22nd

Bulk shipment arrives in the US.

August 27th

Sporadic postal deliveries see about half of CDs arrive.

August 29th

CD Baby reports that our initial delivery of CDs has arrived. They estimate it will be 5-10 days before everything is posted on the site and they can begin sales.

August 31st

CD Baby begins sales, full track preview available.

September 1st

The Radio station PBS FM 106.7 Melbourne, Australia, features the guitar special Fret Net program which will be playing “Village Of The Unfretted” Monday September 5th & again Monday September 12th…..(The whole of both CDs!)

You don’t have to live in Melbourne, Aus to listen in, webcasts live on the internet, making this show one with a huge cult following around the world.

The shows will be 22:00 – 24:00 (midnight) AEST time. That’s 14 hours ahead of New York (EST), 9 hours ahead of UK (BST) and seven or eight hours ahead of Europe. So if you are in the UK, its 13h00 to 15h00.

Show your approval with an e-mail to Fret Net’s DJ – Steve Passiouras
September 3rd

CD Baby sells out, restocking in progress.

September 10th 11th 12th

Just the biggest fretless guitar festival the World has ever seen! Half the artists on the CD made the trip, and it was well worth it! A spectacular weekend, many thanks to Michael Vick for organising everything, and many thanks to everyone that took part, you all made it a very special event.

September 18th

Michael Vick launches the definitive festival site featuring pictures from the event:

September 23rd

La Guitare – a French website, features a three page review of the festival:

October 11th

Guitar Player – the main mag in the USA, mentions that Barry Cleveland (one of the editors) is currently spinning “Village of the Unfretted”.

November 15th

Guitar Player – Features the NYC festival in its “Riffs” section.

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