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Fretless News – Archive from June 2004 to December 2004


December 9th

Michael Atonal Vick – “A Sunday Afternoon Hour with MusicaMundana.TV”
Dec. 12th 2004 2-3pm
Fretless Guitar & Gamelan sounds with MicroTonal & Exotic influences right down into the Blues terrain while out on a Classical Theme………………

VVV aka Michael ATONAL Vick on Fretless Classical, Electric & Acoustic Guitars & Basses with counterpart Geoffrey G5 C on Indonesian Gamelan, Drums & Muzhar equals MusicaMundana.TV

Set List : 1. La Itch (MV)
2. Etude for Reason (MusicaMundana.TV)
3. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (C. Mingus)
4. Open Season on Ignorance Of Choice (MusicaMundana.TV)
5. Unfret My Heart Slow Theme Lite (MV)
6. Surprise Piece Chosen By AndarCalabar (MusicaMundana.TV)
***** With Q & A to follow *****
Thanks from MV & G5 & Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

December 6th

Ryszard Latecki – REVERSE MUSIC
In his own words:

We live in times of a gigantic overproduction of all sorts of goods: words, pictures, sounds, and also …. music. This situation forces the artists – people characterised by a particular sensitivity to the vibrations of the outer world ? to confront the question whether it makes sense to continue creating more works of art. In this unbridled deluge of words, ideas and actions, important voices may go unnoticed. Couldn’t we try to create reality by subtracting the existing values instead of adding new ones? Let’s ?tidy up” this chaos! Wouldn’t it be the most responsible attitude that an artist could adopt at present?

The definition of music… Fortunately, there is no complete definition of music; it is not feasible to write an algorithm or a computer program enabling us to create music. We can assume roughly, however, that music is an act of putting some order into the sounds of the surrounding world by tacking new sounds to the existing. An absolute silence does not exist in our dimension of reality. Even in a complete void, like that of the outer space, we can hear our heart beat, the throbbing of blood in our arteries, etc. (I purposely ignore the huge sphere of imagined sounds). Thus, music always has a context or a background to it.

What if we try to arrange this world not by bringing in additional values but rather by subtracting them?

For sculptors, two methods of artistic creation are obvious: one consists in the forming of a sculpture by adding some clay, plaster or metal; and the other involves subtraction of wood or rock; shaping blocks of rock or wood to give a sculpture its intended form. Is an analogous process of shaping the sounds possible? ?Hewing” the noise to shape the musical form…

My intuition suggests that, yes, it is possible. But do we have proper instruments for such a task? Do we have instruments that can absorb sounds (so called reversional instruments). In contrast to traditional musical instruments that emit sounds, the reversional ones would have an ability to absorb only a portion of the sound spectrum that is specific to them and variable in time. I am convinced that the making of such instruments is just a matter of time, considering the pace of present-day technological advancement.

This invention — the invention of reversional instruments — would allow for music to be brought into areas and spaces which are inaccessible so far to it: noisy streets, factory shop floors, train stations, etc. (I can imagine a concert taking place on the street during rush hour.) But this music cannot be a simple reproduction (mirror-like) of traditional music; new musical quality is needed, that is reverse music.

Ryszard Latecki

An attempt at simulation of reverse music performance will be made on December 3 at 8 PM at the Centre for Modern Art (Ujazdowski Castle) in Warsaw as part of the Audio Art – Przestrzenie Dzwieku festival. Featuring Ryszard Latecki on trumpet (naturally, used reversially) with Jerzy Kornowicz on keyboard (also reversional). We will be using specially developed software. Software developers are: Grzegorz Podsiadlo, Michal Silski and Sergiusz Zbikowski. After the Festival, software for creating reverse music will be made available (free-charge) on this web page.

December 3rd

The Fareed Haque Group – UPDATE!!
The concert we gave notice of in our bulletin (Nov 23rd) seems to have been rescheduled, or there is an additional date. Follows the latest details, we suggest you phone the venue to confirm. -ed.

Friday, December 10th, 2004
House of Blues
BackPorch Stage
329 North Dearborn
Chicago, IL 60610
312 923 2000
TICKET PRICE: $12 + $1 facility fee per ticket
DOORS: 9pm AGES: 21+

November 23rd

The Fareed Haque Group – The upcoming debut album “Cosmic Hug” is completed and scheduled for release on Magnitude records early 2005 with a major tour to follow.

Meanwhile Fareed Haque frontlines his band at this special holiday show:

Saturday, December 11th, 2004
House of Blues
BackPorch Stage
329 North Dearborn
Chicago, IL 60610
312 923 2000
TICKET PRICE: $12 + $1 facility fee per ticket
DOORS: 9pm AGES: 21+

November 14th

Michael Atonal Vick – CD release and gig.
MV will be releasing an All Fretless CD entitled “VVV : FRETLESS GUITAR” on his Birthday this year, November 24th.
Michael felt a bit down about having to push his release of the CD “UNFRET MY HEART” back into 2005; so he has decided to release the high quality demos of the afformentioned CD along with a Bonus DVD entitled “FRETLESS SHADOWS” for a Very, Very Low Price at

Please be on the lookout, & Vick’s next show will be an All Fretless Classical Guitar & Indonesian Gamelon Show with G5 @ Millennium Music in DT Charleston, SC Sunday December 12th from 2-3 pm in the Classical/Jazz Music Room.

November 9th

David Fiuczynski Gigs and Tours:

WED November 10 – Project Object “Weapons Of Mass Distortion” Tour Performing the Music Of Frank Zappa + Mothers Of Invention special guest David Fiuczynski!!
8:30 David Fiuczynski’s KiF!! 9:15pm Project Object
472 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139 617-864-3278 Tix $15 dos and adv @ box office, ticketmaster & (617) 931-2000

THURS November 11 – Don Byron special guest David Fiuczynski Boston, MA –

FRI December 10 – Club D’Elf with special guests Fuze & John Medeski Great Barrington, MA Club Helsinki

Screaming Headless Torsos Tour Europe in November!

Featuring Dean Bowman – vox, David Fiuczynski – guitar, Fima Ephron – bass, Daniel Sadownick – percussion, Skoota Warner – drums.

Wens Nov 17 London, UK — Spitz, London Jazz Festival
Thurs 18 Leeds, UK — Leeds Jazz at the Wardrobe
Sat 20 Bruxelles, Belgium — Studio Athanor
Mon 22 Arnhem, Netherlands — Conservatory of Arnhem Clinic
Tues 23 Nancy, France — MAI School of Music Clinic
Thurs 25 Vienna, Austria — Reigen, Jazz Fest Wien
Sun 28 Madrid, Spain — Ritmo y Compas
Wens Dec 1 Napoli, Italy — Hosted by ArciMusica
Thurs 2 Reiti, Italy — Multisala Cinema Moderno
Fri 3 Roma, Italy — Locanda Atlantide

October 23rd

Gary Corcoran – leaves his home in Norway for a ten day tour of the UK. We believe most of the venues are pubs, looking forward to a semi-coherant report of same. Is it possible to have a three day hangover?

October 15th

Fretless Guitar Night – w/ Catler Bros., Al Giusto, Kenta Nagai
October 25th at The Knitting Factory Tap Bar, 7pm

October 14th

Michael Vick Trip – Hear The Michael Vick Trip featuring Benjamin FUNK Johnson on BASS Friday October 22, 2004 at Johnny Ola’s. B-Funk is 6ft 4 & weighs-in at 240 pounds. He hails from Charlotte, N.C. and is known for his flair for the Funk.
VVV, G5, C4 & The Grande Lizario will be there too with Michael ATONAL Vick opening the Show on Fretless Guitar.
Come one, come all that includes the Ladies says BassZilla!
Friday October 22, 2004 at Johnny Ola’s 10 PM
15 Magnolia and Hwy 17 / Savannah Hwy, Charleston, SC 29407
Cost: $2.00

October 12th

Franck Vigroux – “PUSH THE TRIANGLE”
Franck VIGROUX (guitares/turntables)
Stphane PAYEN, Mric COLLIGNON, Franck VIGROUX, Michel BLANC. And a USA /CANADA tour with
PUSH THE TRIANGLE (see the concert page on

D’AUTRES CORDES soon online on

August 1st

Michael ATONAL Vick – Michael is interviewed by Guitar Nine’s Dan McAvinchey, this gloriously detailed interview is packed with invaluable information. Do you know why you need to wear a bucket or lampshade on your head? If not, find out this and more as
Michael bares all at

July 17th

Franck Vigroux – Frank has been playing his Surfreter extensively this year, a USA tour with Ned Evett, two days at the London Guitar Show, and recently presenting for the first time his solo fretless show at the Festival Seichitarresola in Italy. Franck says he has had many questions about the surfretter… so has decided to make a short video clip, with all the basic techniques possible with a fretless guitar: tapping, chords, ebow… etc… This MPEG video should appear in a future issue of Guitarist magazine UK, but for all guitarists interested; contact Franck at

July 11th

Garaj Mahal – featuring Fareed Haque, Kai Eckhardt, Alan Hertz & Eric Levy finish off a
two week tour at Nedfest 2004, (Nederland Music and Arts festival) just 17 miles up the hill from Boulder, Colorado. Full details at More details of the band at
Garaj Mahal’s excellent website.

July 5th

Franck Vigroux – Frank is playing solo at the Seichitarresole festival in Italy on July 10th along with Tim Brady and Trey Gunn. More on Franck.

June 28th

Ned Evett – Ned is opening for Jonny Lang, John Fogerty, and The Allman Brothers out west (USA), 5 dates total, rundown as follows:
Tue 06/29/04 Sun Valley, ID, Opening for Jonny Lang, Sun Valley Outdoor Pavilion
Thu 07/01/04 Jackson, WY, Opening for Jonny Lang, Snow King Resort
Fri 07/02/04 Missoula, MT, Opening for Jonny Lang, Caras Park Pavilion
Sun 07/04/04 Big Sky, MT opening for John Fogerty and The Allman Brothers, Big Sky Community Park
That’s only four dates so check Ned’s Tour Dates for the latest.

June 17th


BOISE, Idaho (Press Release: June 15, 2004) — Idaho-based singer-songwriter and fretless-guitar pioneer Ned Evett is getting a huge break this Sunday when PBS Television stations nationwide air “Driven to Play,” a documentary film chronicling his victory at the 2003 North American Rock Guitar Competition, June 20 at 10:30 p.m. EDT/PDT and 9:30 p.m. CDT/MDT. (Check your listings — local airdates and times may vary.)

The half-hour feature takes a behind-the-scenes look at Evett and the four other finalists in last summer’s North American Rock Guitar Competition, the crown jewel of the annual WNED Buffalo Niagara Guitar Festival. The Buffalo, N.Y., PBS affiliate’s cameras trailed the competitors in the days and hours leading up the event and were backstage when they finished performing. What transpired during filming even surprised producer Paul Lamont. “It’s not like ‘American Idol,’ ‘Survivor,’ or anything like that,” explains Lamont. “The combination of competition and creativity made it a very enriching experience for me. They were all supporting and cheering each other on. It just shows what level ‘the musician’ lives on — it’s a very strong community.”

“Driven to Play” also features compelling interviews with the event’s organizers, competitors’ family members, and the panel of judges that included Canadian guitar legend Rik Emmett and Sid McGinnis, lead guitarist from “The Late Show with David Letterman.” The end result is a unique look at what motivates someone to pursue their dreams, as well as the havoc they can wreak when they bring an esoteric instrument like the fretless guitar to a rock guitar competition.

Fretless guitars derive their unique sound from the musician’s fingers engaging the strings against a fingerboard without interposing frets — the series of metal ridges set across a traditional guitar’s fingerboard. A close relative of the slide guitar, the fretless guitar is a melodically liberating instrument, giving the player direct control over every aspect of a note’s pitch. Evett pushes the fretless guitar further by outfitting his instruments with custom mirrored-glass fretless fingerboards. The tonal qualities of the glass affect the sound, plus light seems to dance from the guitar’s neck as Evett performs onstage. The net effect, as “Driven to Play” documents, stunned judges and the 1,000 guitar enthusiasts in the audience of the sold-out show. “Ned’s command of the fretless guitar is astonishing,” exclaims Guitar One magazine editor-in-chief Troy Nelson, also a finals judge in the 2003 competition. McGinnis elaborates: “I was really impressed with Ned’s performance — it was beautiful. He has taken the slide-guitar concept and flipped it over to where it’s as if he has glass slides on all of his fingers.”

Emmett, a founding member of the rock band Triumph, was equally floored. “Ned is a highly entertaining yet artistically advanced musician with interesting compositions,” he says. “His approach is inspired and inspiring — very unique and original on a heavily modified instrument that produces a wonderful range of tones from his very personalized and adapted techniques and equipment.”

Acclaim for Evett’s music, however, extends far beyond his winning performance in Buffalo. Guitar heroes as disparate as Joe Satriani and Built To Spill frontman Doug Martsch sing his praises, with the former artist even taking Evett on tour with him to open 30 U.K. and U.S. concerts in 2003 and 2003. In addition, Fingerstyle Guitar magazine contends, “Ned Evett will make you rethink the plucked-string instrument,” and says his music is “like listening to a waterfall on fire.” Just in time for the national broadcast, Evett will release his third solo record, the vocal pop/rock “iStole,” on Empty Beach Records, an indie label based in Sun Valley, Idaho. Available June 15 nationwide via Burnside Distribution Corp., one of the nation’s leading distributors of independent music, “iStole” fuses catchy pop songwriting with the skillful fretless-guitar that earned Evett the gold at the rock guitar competition. Visit or for more information.

June 15th

Fareed Haque Group + DJ Cappo – will be performing at the Twilight Series on Tuesday, June 22nd at the Shady Grove Campgrounds in Noblesville, Indiana after the Keller Williams/Dark Star Orchestra/Particle show at Deer Creek. For more info/directions/etc. visit:

June 10th

Michael ATONAL Vick – The Michael Vick Trip’s Newest CD “SMELL LA MITTEN” is Now Available at Check it out if you dare! – Andar Calabar

June 9th

GUITAR TECHNIQUES magazine – Unfretted features in their 100th edition, July 2004, page 6. Or if you can’t wait to buy a copy there’s a scan on our Pro / Disclaimer page, near the bottom.

June 8th

Fareed Haque Group – Forthcoming gigs, June 11 & 12, 2004, Boulevard Cafe 3137 W. Logan Blvd. Chicago, IL. 773.384.8600 21yrs. More info at:

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