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Fretless Video Podcasts & Video Clips

This is the hastily constructed Cinema where you can view Video Podcasts, Clips Movies and maybe some other stuff. We have, so far, made a fair bit of this ourselves, so don’t expect it to be professional. Remember Videos are large files that can take forever to download, so don’t be dissapointed. Everything on the page is experimental, let us know what you think, any help would be appreciated.

iPod Video Files

These are i-pod compatable video files, so you can take them anywhere!.

Gary Corcoran – HPC Cafe -16/Nov/2007 (45Meg)

Enigmatics & Ataman – Musicon -17/Nov/2007 (119Meg) – temporarily unavailable

This is a Tim Donahue workshop, exclusive to Unfretted, and in two parts. This took place at the Fernandes Guitar school in Japan, February 2005.

Tim Donahue – Fernandes Guitar School – Part One (33Meg)

Tim Donahue – Fernandes Guitar School – Part Two (62Meg)

Plus another clip featuring Tim on Harp Guitar from NHK TV Japan, first broadcast 1995.

Tim Donahue – Norwegian Wood (15Meg)

This next video clip features Ned Evett’s encore of his July 2005 performance at the Zoo Bar, St Helens, UK.

Ned Evett – Circus Liquor (38Meg)

An exceedingly informative workshop featuring Ned Evett at Riff’s Guitar School in July 2005.

Ned Evett – Fretless Workshop (101Meg) – temporarily unavailable

Home Movies

First off; the ground breaking movie featuring the off-stage antics at the Dutch Fretless Festival, 2005.

Gary & Chris, part one (32Meg)

Gary & Chris, part two (28Meg)

Video Clips

First off is Willem Niehorster’s band at the 2005, Dutch Fretless Festival, Den Haag.

Willem’s band, part one (10Meg)

Willem’s band, part two (18Meg)

This early video clip demonstrates the Godin Multiac through a VG-88 using the Sitar patch (from the VG-88 patches page). This was recorded using a Sony camcorder, a memory stick, a tripod, a Godin Multiac Nylon Fretless, a VG-88 with Unfretted’s Sitar patch selected, and a 1.2mm plectrum in 2004. – Jahloon


The Sitar Patch fretless demo – (file size 1.7 Meg)

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