Early comments

Early incoming e-mails to Unfretted

Note: These emails are from 2003 / 2004, early days indeed, but from the feedback we knew we were on the right track!

Since starting the site we have been knocked out by all the kind words, help, interest, encouragement and comment, that everyone has forwarded to Unfretted.

So here is a small selection, and many thanks to you all.

This is the be-all and end-all of fretless guitar resources. – GUITARIST (UK magazine) Summer 2004

Hi Jeff, It’s me from the french fretless guitar web ring! I would like to congratulate you again for the quality of your web site. you gets by to find news from fretless guitar very often and give it to us, it’s very cool!!! Hope to meet you one day!!! Bye!!

Jeff, Well, your site by far is now the definitive resource for Fretless Guitar. PERIOD!

Nice & I am still checking out your site. You have got some great players I have heard of, & some I am checking out right now like Tom Baker. I am listeing to his CD Sounding Curve…….smooooooooth!

Hooray for your website! I have been playing a cheap japanese guitar that I defretted for about a year and then last week a friend gifted me a nice fretless electric they made for me. I love fretless. Thanks for the website and I hope it prospers. Best, Brad

I saw in your history you left off Frank Zappa. I don’t remember exactly who took the frets off of his guitar, but he recorded with it around 1973. Also, where is Elliot Sharp; I don’ know his exact dates, but he has been playing fretless guitar for quite awhile. Also, my frets came off in 1995 (when I could afford a 2nd electric), & since then I have de-fretted a couple of other peoples’ guitars. Anyway, I love the site, & I am just getting into it………. VVV

Good luck with the fretless guitar…good to know there’s another stalwart ploughing what must be a pretty lonesome furrow! Keep me in touch with the website’s progress….can always give it a mention on air for you! Cheers, Steve Becker, BBC

I will write something and send it in… your sight looks great- – -keep up the good work!
Edward Powell

Hello, I was looking at your great resource and was surprised to see my name listed as someone about whom you’d like information. A brief bio is included below my signature. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, Peace, Erik Hinds

Hello, I’m french and i’ve made up a fretless guitar web ring two years ago. I’ve found your web site and i would like to congratulate you for this !! i think you should put a forum inside your web site. Bye ans see you soon !!

hi Jeff! thanks much for your time and effort! that’s really great. You can use anything off our site, let me know if there is anything else I can do! thanks for your support! all the best, Fuze and Lian

I enjoyed the site, spent about an hour going through it and had a good laugh at some of the wit. Where are you going with the site? Is it just for fun or are you making a business out of it?? Cheers mate, Malcolm

jeff, love the site! Franck Vigroux and I are doing a US tour in february for our new record, you can find the dates at www.pollstar.com. Thanks, anything else I can do to help, let me know. Ned Evett

Dear Jeff, Thank you for your email and congratulation for your web site. If you need picture you can take the one from the web site, if you need better one I can give them to you, just tell me which one……. Sincerely, Patrice Vigier

Hi Jeff! Why you dont add your site to google than everybody can see your site who look for some informations about fretless guitars? best, Ratko Zjaco

I had a chance to log onto your site- it’s very cool, and I’m sure it’ll grow rapidly. Anyway, stay in touch with updates and I’ll do the same. see ya soon. Very Best, TIM DONAHUE

Hi Jeff, Great initiative! Please feel free to use the photos in the press kit. My new record is out with Rare Falcons entitled”Slick Road” from Kalan records. www.kalan.com If you want to have more updates, let me know. Best wishes, Timucin Sahin.

Jeff, The website is terrific. I just went there to hang a little and it is great. This could be a great resource, and I am willing to help in whatever way I can. Best, Tom Baker

Hi hi, I visited (i visit it). I can only say tahnk you for bringing us some news on the world of fretless. Personnaly i wasn’t aware of 70% of the artists you have in your database. While i’m not too into jazz or raggas i discovered with pleasure Edward powell. My only complain (not really complain) would be that it could be cool if you had a directory to present different fretless guitars available, their quality, drawbacks, prices etc.. Anyway please keep on going with your site, this is great. – OGAMISUGIZO

Bonjour, Le CD du groupe Gregsky “Pulse” est sorti il y a quelques jours. Un sax, une trompette et une guitare. Au menu, electro jazz (sans progs), musiques cycliques et improvisations louches. Quelques morceaux ont jougis SAVIGNY

Hello Jeff, first of all : congratulations for your web-site, it’s not everyday that come up a new fretless site ! And yours is very complete, documented on every instrument, that is definetely a good idea ! If i may help in anything, just tell me. Let me know if you need anything else. I wish you a very good success with your site, and be sure i’ll talk about it! Yannick Robert.

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