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posted August 10th

3rd Austrian Fretless Guitar and Just Intonation Festival
19th September at 19:00
Kubinsaal Schärding, Schlossgasse 11, Schärding/Austria
Festival Facebook Page
Festival Details in German Language


posted June 4th

Cenk Erdogan launches the tutorial website, Fretless Guitar Lessons. Language options are Turkish and English.
Highly recommended:

posted February 16th

Killick Hinds, of Athens, Georgia, USA, pciks up his new Fretless Acoustic. The guitar is a Vo-96 Wes Lambe fretless guitar featuring the Vo Inventions Acoustic Synthesis device.
Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrrZWBVW2CA

posted February 4th

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posted January 20th

Nicolas Meier

Fretless guitarist Nicolas Meier joined the Jeff Beck Band last Autumn and is currently recording the new Jeff Beck album. The world tour kicks off in Japan in April, reaching the UK in May.

Review of Nicolas Meier’s album From Istanbul to Ceuta with a Smile


posted January 11th

CraigScotts Lobotomy

Our good friend Craig Scott, who the faithful might remember from the Dutch Fretless Guitar VII (2012) is doing a crowdfunder for his new fretless guitar CD.

You can see a promo video and get a gance at all the goodies available here:


Its pretty far out – just how we like it!

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