Pink Floyd Concert – June 1969

Pink Floyd Concert – June 1969

Pink Floyd gear 1969

Richard Morton posted this iconic picture of Pink Floyd with all the gear they used on the 1969 summer tour. We sent each other a few tweets about this but I thought: Why not tell the whole story?

Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, 21st June 1969

Pink Floyd Tour Dates

Well I got two tickets to the Pink Floyd concert at the Philharmonic in Liverpool, it was their “The Man and the Journey” tour, June 21st 1969, and the hottest girl in my class was Hillary Johnson, so I asked her to the concert and of course she said yes, she was a bit out of my league, but you don’t get nothing if you don’t aim high.

So we got into the hall and a few people were lighting up joints, the staff were quick off the mark telling everyone there was no smoking in the hall. Their cries of “No smoking in the Hall” resounding every few seconds.

Three rows down from us a guy was saying someone was in his seat, and quite loudly too. The chap in the seat would not move so then the guy just punched him really hard in the side of his head, Hillary (and me) were really shocked, the chap moved, well staggered out of his seat, it was really unpleasant.

As always, I was really interested in the equipment being used. There were eight WEM 3×12 cabinets equi-spaced around the auditorium. These were controlled by a joystick on the keyboard, so a flying saucer noise could be swept around the audience, it was amazing and in a way frightening as well, we had never experienced anything like it. The crowd actually ducked down in their seats as it flew past.

rice krispiesShure 565

Pink Floyd also did the breakfast sketch, which consisted of the band sitting on stage around a tablecloth. They then placed a cereal bowl in the middle of the tablecloth and filled it with Rice Krispies. Now the advertising for Rice Krispies was that they went “Snap, Crackle and Pop” when you added milk and the band did not disappoint as they poured on a generous amount of milk. Then they took a microphone (Shure 565 type) and plunged it into the bowl, the sound was pretty far out for the time. It was sort of enlightening, the emancipation of rice based breakfast cereals.


Orange smoke bomb

Also part of the Pink Floyd performance was that they set off an orange coloured smoke bomb… the overall audience reaction was cries of “No smoking in the Hall” and peals of laughter.

On the train back from the concert we were sat opposite a really weird woman that kept looking at us in a way that would dampen any passionate intentions, so that was it for me and Hillary.

Some weeks later I saw the same woman giving a b**w job to a really fat bloke on the train, it did not help….


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