Jahloon’s Musings

Jahloon’s Musings


It struck me that I have a few stories that may be of some interest to musicians and maybe non-musicians that are a little outside the brief of Unfretted. So if you have a spare five minutes, why not take a read?

Area 51 Debris

This was written for the magazine Alien Worlds issue 5. The economic downturn of 2008 prevented this from happening, but you can read the complete article here.

Area 51 Debris
The iconic 7 string fretless guitar “Area 51 Debris”

Gibson 330

A background story about the Gibson 330 which was my sole guitar for twenty-four years.

Jahloon Gibson 330
Jahloon and Gibson 330 – photo by Carole Berg

Unfretted Purchase

The story behind my first Fretless Guitar.

Jahloon with Godin Multiac Nylon Fretless

Pink Floyd Concert – June 1969

Richard Morton inspired me to write this down. Warning: Includes Rice Krispies!

Pink Floyd Tour Dates


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