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Unfretted’s Hall of Sounds

This hastily constructed Hall of Sounds page features music mostly from 2003 – 2007 . We have gratefully received the donated content and happily, gleefully, present it for your personal edification.
We will try to categorise content so that you do not inadvertantly listen to something you weren’t expecting.

Village of the Unfretted track beamed from International Space Station

space station iss

Eric Rhodes here, I thought you all may find this interesting.

Two evenings ago my song from the Village of the Unfretted CD, “Barely Makin’ It” was played aboard the International Space Station and was beamed down to Huston, TX and Moscow as well as Huntsville, AL (my home).

Here’s the clip. Turn up your speakers and let ‘er rip!!

Barely Making It – the first voice you hear is the American astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria (called L.A. for short) speaking to the ground crew in Houston and Huntsville. The second voice is the Huston guy and the third is the Huntsville woman.

Every evening before they go to sleep the astronauts play a game in which they play a random song. The first person from the ground to answer correctly wins.

As a gift to my wife who’s worked with the space station team for 6 years, they played my tune (a total surprise) and she flipped out!!

She’s leaving that team and switching jobs to a new project (the new launch vehicle). You could say it was a “going away present”

Eric 3rd February 2007

Tellef Øgrim kindly composed this piece exclusively for Unfretted.
tellef ogrim


There is No Such Thing – this improvisation was recorded in the attic of an old house looking southwards over the Norwegian town of Lillehammer and the Mjøsa lake on a cold and clear February day in 2004. If you listen closely you will find a core theme of falling whole notes in there somewhere. The title is a quotation from one of my favorite movies “Spinal Tap”. I have played this fretless guitar since I made it from a Yamaha SG600 almost 20 years ago. It is represented on both a rock and a jazz album I contributed to back then. – Tellef Øgrim

Ed Powell

The next four offerings are all from Edward Powell, music with Indian roots, very pleasant we would say.


Bay Area was a spontaneous live improvisation recorded in Prague in 1999. Edward Powell playing fretless guitar and Patrick Feldner playing frame drum. It is part of a CD and a duo project (with Pat), called “Oriental Improvisations” The soon to be released CD is called “oriental journey vol.1 and was recorded in just 5 days without any preparation AT ALL! It was recorded using extremely humble means and not released until now because at that time the artists had no access to editing facilities.


Amjad is a traditional Indian composition adapted to a rock feel. The recording was made in May 2003, with Edward Powell playing fretless guitar, bass, and singing. Mario Reithofer (Edward Powell’s Manager), programmed the drums and played keys. Amjad is part of an experiemental recording project called “GuruGroove”.


Crunch is a short clip from the demo of the upcoming “BLUESAND” CD. Edward Powell’s Bluesand is a long term project that he has put his heart and soul into. Presently it consists of Edward on fretless guitar, Pat Feldner on percussion, and Joe Wagner on bass.

Megh freatures a fretless guitar solo from the upcoming “BLUESAND” CD. Edward Powell’s Bluesand is now in final mixing.

Gunnar Backman

Producer, technician, composer, arranger, musician. Gunnar plays some fine stuff and has kindly passed these two songs to Unfretted.
gunnar backman

Pats Diner

 Yggdrasil 2
Both Pats Diner and Yggdrasil 2, are from a solo album, Yeah Guitar! (2003-2004)

Andrzej Izdebski

Andrzej Izdebski live

This next track is from Polish Fretless Guitarist, Andrzej Izdebski, we would classify this as free improvised music / avant-jazz.

BBT – Featuring Andrzej Izdebski’s band BBT, this track will feature on the their forthcoming second CD, released later this year.

Billy Dugger IV

Two tracks from Billy, part of a fretless CD project he has just started work on, we would classify this as rock.
billy dugger IV acoustic


Insufishent suffering (take 1) – (file size 1.075 Meg, 2:37)

Regret (Possible Quincunx mix) – (file size 1.769 Meg 4:18)
http://psychosis.hearusplay.com Billy IV’s website.


jahloon jeff berg

Jahloon (AKA Jeff Berg)

Some rare tracks from Jahloon.

Theremin Boy – (file size 64 Kb .wma) 2005

Proximity of Wales – (file size 151 Kb .wma) 2005

The Last PP3 – (file size 84 Kb .wma) 2005
These three tracks were created for the “Village of the Unfretted” panto thread on The Forum (in the Complete B section). All tracks are played live using his Baritone Fretless. There is no mastering, its rough and ready. We would classify these as ambient soundbites, though Jahloon calls them Scapebites.

Aunty Podian 2006 – Featuring sounds created on Fretless Baritone, Bass Picclo by Godin, and random drum objects including beer cans. – (file size 391 Kb .mp3)

No Cure for Noddlepox – The Steampunk Classic Track from the 2008 album “The Unravelling Begins”

Alien After Dinner Mints – 2009 track featuring the JP8000 emulating the sound of the Japanese Shoo. Part of the “Other Worlds, Other Ears” concept suite.

Note: No PCs were used in the creation of Jahloon’s tracks.

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