Free T-Shirt !

Amazing Unfretted T-Shirt Offer !!!

Imagine yourself in a fetching Unfretted T Shirt, with the logo on the front and the slogan on the back “Fret not thyself”.

The envy of your peers, women will faint clean away when they cast their eyes on your splendid garment.

This once in a lifetime offer is entirely free (well almost) all you have to provide is one A4 sheet of Iron-on T Shirt transfer, a white T shirt, and an iron and ironing board. (If you have a wife or mum she will know what the latter items are).

1) First download the following file: unfretted_t_shirt You may notice the writing is back to front, don’t worry, find a mirror.

2) Go to a PC / office supplies store and buy a packet of A4 Iron-on t shirt transfers.

3) Go to a clothes shop and buy a pack of two white t shirts, don’t worry about having to buy two, you will see why later.

4) Load your colour printer with the iron-on transfer paper, and print the file unfretted_t_shirt.pdf, use the printer setting photo ink jet paper 750 dpi, or anything that looks similar.

5) You will notice the Unfretted logo and “Fret not thyself” are on the same sheet, get some scissors and separate them.

6) The Unfretted logo is for the front and the Slogan for the back. If the t shirt is for a lady place the front logo high up on the shirt, for men about six – eight inches down from the neck.

7) Follow the instructions for ironing with the following tips from us:
Don’t worry about the instruction to iron on a flat surface, the ironing board is perfect for this. Get the iron really hot. Initially use the iron to tack the transfer to the cotton, then make sure the entire transfer surface is heated for about two minutes. In the third minute, apply a little more pressure to the iron. If the ironing board collapses at this point, it was too much pressure. Your transfer should have had at least three minutes of intense heat, it won’t hurt to do four. Let the transfer cool for two minutes and then carefully peel the transfer off. If it does not seperate cleanly, you didn’t use enough heat, you can scrape the remaining backing paper off with your fingernails. NEVER go back to the transfer with a hot iron, if you do, get the second t shirt out of the pack and go back to step 4.

8) Congratulation you fashion guru you! See you at a fretless guitar festival.

(Always allow the transfer to cool before vogueing around in the t shirt).


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