Fretless Guitar Extras

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Hall Of Sounds

Archived sounds prior to Soundcloud & Youtube.

Alternative Tunings for Fretless Guitar

Not an exhaustive list, but pretty close….

Area 51 Debris

Area 51 Debris

The full story behind this iconic fretless guitar




Keep them clean boys and girls, keep ’em clean…

CD Lists

A fairly complete list of over 200 fretless CDs, linked to music reviews (mostly)

Ed Powell’s Fretless Guitar thoughts:


Ed Powell Fretless Guitar

Two articles; “The Philosophy behind the Fretless Guitar” and “Genetically Modified Music and the Fretless Alternative”

Quartertone Guitar

Killick 7 String Quartertone Guitar

Not quite fretless but interesting, Killick’s slant on the notes between the cracks.

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Unfretted Archive

All of the things we should have thrown away but cold not bear to part with….