Tim Donahue performs in Buffalo, NY, USA

Tim Donahue, harp guitar fretted

This is a rare chance to see Tim Donahue perform outside his home country Japan.

He will perform “The Art Of Solo Performance” in Buffalo, NY, USA

EMI-Japan recording artist Tim Donahue’s unmistakable melodicism and style will come to life in a rare electric harp guitar performance at Buffalo’s Daily Planet Coffee Company, November 11, 2017 @ 4PM

Gig details

Tim Donahue

Venue location

1862 Hertel Avenue Buffalo, New York (716) 551-0661


Review of the Tim Donahue Fretless Harp Guitar

Facebook – Tim Donahue Signature Harp Guitar Players

timdonahue.com – Tim Donahue’s Harp Guitar Website


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