Michael aTonal Vick, Fretless Guitar on the Radio


Due to server problems we’ve only just been able to post this message about Michael aTonal Vick’s appearance on the South Carolina Public Radio Show Sonatas & Soundscapes, Tuesday 24th November at Noon 12:00 hrs EST (17:00 GMT)

Michael Vick & Kate McKinney

Michael Vick and Interviewer Kate McKinney

In his own words:

Please check me out today (Tues, Nov 24th) on the SC Public Radio show Sonatas & Soundscapes. I will come on at Noon & be discussing microtones & various tuning systems. I also chose some nice microtonal-musical-selections to play demonstrating the true sonic-beauty of music beyond 12-TET. Below is a link to stream the show & I hope some of you can listen with your ears wide open…………..mav

Listen to a recording of the show:

Michael aTonal Vick


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