Meier-Budjana Group European Tour 2017

Nicolas Meier co-leads this group with Indonesian guitar master Dewa Bujana on their European tour in October 2017.

The tour will promote Nicolas Meier’s album “Infinity” and Dewa Bujana’s album “Zentuary” both released on Steve Vai’s label Favored Nations.

The band will also feature legendary bassist Jimmy Haslip, drummer Asaf Sirkis and Indonesian bamboo flutist Saat Syah and promises to be a wonderful mix of jazz and world music.

This is the first time Nicolas Meier will be playing in his two home towns. Guildford, United Kingdom and Fribourg, Switzerland.

Poster Meier-Budjana

Gig dates:

• October 5th, Bonnington Theater, Nottingham, UK

• October 6th, The Studio, GLive, Guildford, UK

• October 7th, The Bear Club, Luton, UK

• October 8th, Marsden Jazz Festival, UK

• October 9th, Pizza Express Jazz Club, London, UK

• October 10th, Hastings Jazz Club, Hastings, UK

• October 11th, Stratford Upon Avon, UK

• October 12th, The Spin, Oxford, UK

• October 13th, The Fleece Jazz Club, UK

• October 15th, Podium Cafe Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Holland

• October 16th, Spirit of 66, Vervier, Belgium

• October 17th, Noergelbuff, Goettingen, Germany

• October 20th, La Spirale, Fribourg, Switzerland

• October 21st, Gemeindehalle, Gschwend, Germany




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