Killick Hinds and Michael Manring Fretless Guitar / Bass Gig at Athica

Announcing two gigs featuring fretless bass player Michael Manring and fretless guitarist Killick Hinds, backed by drummer Jamie DeRevere. The trio, named Vectrexcentricity will be recording an album in the week leading up to the gigs in Athens and Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Michael Manring played at the first ever fretless guitar festival Nuit de la Fretless in 1999.

ATHICA – Athens Institute for Contemporary Art – photo: Cassie Wright


Jamie DeRevere – drums
Killick Hinds – guitar
Michael Manring – electric bass

Vectrexcentricity is a new music project led by Athens, Georgia, USA, guitarist Killick Hinds featuring his longtime drummer Jamie DeRevere with legendary electric bassist Michael Manring. The vision for this group came to Killick as just that, a vision; how would his music intersect with Michael’s deeply resonant approach? Through mutual friend (and avant-guitarist) Henry Kaiser, a connection was made for recording and performing a true hybrid. “The challenge is to honor and celebrate our individual histories blended into something very of the moment,” says Killick, “pulling together disparate threads of recent and ancient forms to invoke something vital to being alive.” Expect improvisational fluidity and meditative immersion with at least a few sonic fireworks for good measure. Like its namesake, obscure 1980s video game system Vectrex, Vectrexcentricity is its own mini-verse, playful and angular, with colorful overlays.

Jamie DeRevere

Jamie DeRevere is a drummer and photographer bringing visual acumen to his music and harmony to his light canvasses. Jamie has played with the traditional jazz of the A-Train band for many years, as well as long associations with the atmospheric Breathlanes, the hard driving alt-country of Efren, and the improvisational power trio Pocketful of Claptonite. Through varied styles and genres, Jamie brings a painterly touch to his drumming, extracting as many tone colors as possible, making the “unpitched” drum set sing.

Killick Hinds

Killick Hinds is an improvising guitarist, composer, and writer living in Athens, Georgia. He plays a variety of unusual stringed instruments with a comprehensive approach to genres known and as-yet-unlabeled. Reinvention has been the constant throughout his creative output. He has toured extensively as a solo performer, and is an active organizer and promoter of lesser-heard music. Killick broadens the possibilities in his music by stretching and contracting phrases temporally, conceptually, dynamically, and stylistically. The effect more closely resembles speech patterns and emotionally-drawn architecture than it does conventional Western music. Despite its eclectic nature, the music is surprisingly familiar and accessible to audiences of all ages and levels of musical involvement.

Michael Manring

Michael Manring

Michael Manring has been hailed by many as the world’s leading solo bassist, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the bass guitar for over three decades. While his technical skill and innovations always make an impression, it is his ability to communicate on a profound emotional level that most touches listeners. Building on the conceptions of his teacher, the late bass legend Jaco Pastorius, Michael has developed a new approach to the instrument that includes unorthodox tunings, techniques and methodologies. Michael has worked with a surprisingly diverse collection of musicians, from New Age keyboardist Suzanne Ciani to the aforementioned Henry Kaiser to celebrated folk troubadour John Gorka to experimental post-metal rockers Tim Alexander (Primus) and Alex Skolnick (Testament) to electro-pop pioneer Thomas Dolby. His long-term collaboration and close friendship with the late acoustic guitar genius Michael Hedges led to a lengthy stint as house bassist for Windham Hill Records.

Source: ATHICA – Athens Institute for Contemporary Art

The Venues

Michael Manring, solo and with Vectrexcentricity Trio

The Backspace
631 N. Central Ave
Hapeville, GA 30354 USA
Wednesday, September 28th, 2016
$10 suggested but no one turned away for lack of funds

160 Tracy Street, Unit 4
Athens, GA 30601 USA
Telephone: 706.389.5450
Thursday, September 29th, 2016
8pm sharp
$10 suggested but no one turned away for lack of funds


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