Concert – The Guitar in My Life – Tom Baker

Twenty-five years of guitar music by composer Tom Baker, promises to be a very interesting concert, Tom is currently Professor of Composition at Cornish College of the Arts, his work is complex, from avant grade to experimental, pushing the boundaries of musical performance.

Tom Baker Fretless Guitar
Tom Baker with fretless guitar – photo: Tim Summers

Tom Baker – in his own words….

I want to invite you to this upcoming concert, part of the Wayward Music Series, that will feature many of my compositions for guitar, spanning the past 25 years. Works for solo classical guitar, guitar and soprano, guitar ensemble, and for solo electric guitar. This is a very special concert for me, as it will feature my first guitar composition, called The Green Guitar, which was written 25 years ago this year. I am constantly reminded of the major role this instrument has played in my life, starting with my first guitar – a gift from my aunt Judy, over 45 years ago. I am very honored to have several of the area’s most accomplished guitarists (and good friends) perform eight of these works for this celebration of the instrument: Michael Partington, Michael Nicolella, Mark Hilliard Wilson, Satchel Henneman, Cherie Hughes, and the Cornish Guitar Ensemble.

Works will include the aforementioned Green Guitar from 1992, and the most recent (2017) Elegy No. 5, for electric fretless guitar. In between will be Possible Lullabies – for guitar and soprano, based on texts by Garcia-Lorca; The Curse of the Fathers – a solo work exploring the creation of the universe; Three Movements (world premiere) – each movement represents a different type of movement (slalom, butoh, and rapid-eye); Eleven – a work for solo electric guitar (dedicated to the great, fictional guitarist Nigel Tufnel); Elegy No. 3 – for solo classical guitar from the first book of guitar elegies; and Circus Music – for six guitars.

It should be a fun night, I really hope you can join us.

Concert details

The Guitar in My Life
Friday, April 21, 8PM
In the Chapel Performance Space on the fourth floor of the Good Shepherd Center.
4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Seattle
$5-15 sliding scale, all ages



Chapel Performance Space

Tom Baker Music


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