8th Dutch Fretless Guitar Festival – May 2019 announcement

Willem Niehorster

Willem Niehorster (pictured above) has announced plans for the eighth DFGF VIII (Dutch Fretless Guitar Festival) to be held in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, EU.

In his own words….

Today I had a meeting with Emiel Scholsberg. He is a Dutchman that took guitar lessons from Scott McGill. And that’s how he got to know me.

He is very enthusiastic about the DFGF 8! He also brought along the guy that is the importer of Vigier here in NL. This man has a lot of connections in the music business and is also very interested in helping.

The festival will take place on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May 2019.

Facebook page for DFGF VIII

This time in Amsterdam at the Q-Factory

Q factory also has a hotel and cafe, plus we will be holding workshops on the Saturday morning.

Anyone wishing to attend should contact Willem via the Unfretted Facebook page.

Artist’s expressing interest in performing

Buzz Gravelle Fretless Classical Guitar
Buzz Gravelle

Scott McGill Vigier
Scott McGill

Jahloon 2nd Austrian Festival

Jay Matharu, Mahavira
Jay Mathura

Gunnar Backman
Gunnar Backman

Gary Cocoran
Gary Cocoran

Tellef Ogrim
Tellef Øgrim

Tom Baker
Tom Baker

Les Mouvements
Les Mouvements

Melle Weijters
Melle Weijters

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