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This site may be suitable for all ages, may contain philosophical content and non-conventional humour.

What you see is what you get, Many pages have been converted from the old website, edited, tweaked, twisted and tweaked again.

It is open to contribution. (e-mail the boss)

It is open to crit. (e-mail the boss again)

If we spelt your name wrong, apologies. We have already miffed four major artists with typos, so you are in good company.

While we supply some patches for various devices and some mention of how to use said devices we are in no way responsible for blown speakers, smoking amps or fused house supplies.


The DIY (Do It Yourself) section should only be read by complete nutters. We accept no responsibility for loss of; life / limb / dignity. Nor do we condone, approve or accept legal liability for any of the contents or advice contained therein.

While this site promotes the use and ownership of the unfretted or fretless guitar we do not condone relentless practice causing finger cramp, slides causing friction burns, and possible personal danger encountered by playing in public, including being stoned (by onlookers).

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