Yannick Robert

Yannick Robert

This guy plays at the heady limits of jazz, just our cup of tea!


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Yannick Robert & Fretless Ibanez

Brief Bio

Yannick Robert was born in Brittany, North West France and started playing guitar at age 14. He studied at CIM, Paris winning the National Jazz Contest of La Défense in 1982, then at the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood in 1985-1986. In 1992 he was endorsed by Ibanez Guitars and was invited to perform on the compilations “Fretless Guitar Masters” and “Village of the Unfretted”.

In 1998 he recorded a duet album with bass player Benoit Vandertsraeten “Dix Cordes de Nuit”. In 2000 he toured Canada with vibraphonist Peter Appleyard

In 2001 he set up a new quartet with André Charlier, Daniel Yvinek & sax-player Bobby Rangell, with whom he records “Maid of the Mist”.

In 2003, he tours with Franck Agulhon, Benoît Vandertsraeten and records “Vaci Utca” (Muséa Records), an album that gathers celtic and jazz-fusion influences. Yannick is one the rare musicians to have explored and played “Celtic Jazz”. These influence date back to his pre-guitar years when he played accordion, bagpipes and Irish whistle.

He then sets up the “When pop goes to Jazz” trio, with a repertory of pop / rock song arrangments, with upright bass-player Rémy Chaudagne and drummer Jean-Marc Robin. After this he set up the “Urban Celtic” band with Franck Agulhon, Benoît Vanderstraeten and the recorder player Benoît Sauvé.

In 2009 and 2010 he toured with sax-player Céline Bonacina and her “Alefa Quartet”. In 2010 he starts a new project “The Blues & Beyond Quartet”, with harmonicist Sébastien Charlier, bass-player Dominique di Piazza and drummer Yoann Schmidt. Their first album “La danse du chat” was released in September 2011, and the second one “Echec et Malt” in November 2013. They have toured throughout Europe, Russia, Indian Ocean and Asia.

In 2012 he performed at the cine-concert “The Artist” with the Strasbourg Symphonic Orchestra with the composer Ludovic Bource on piano.

In addition to his musical output, Yannick has also written many instructional books on playing guitar.


Yannick Robert Fretless Ibanez

Yannick Robert’s Fretless Ibanez, based on the S classic model. He has endorsed Ibanez since 1992 and the close working relationship resulted in the creation of this beauty.

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Yannick Robert, Nancy

Yannick Robert

Yannick Robert Fretless


Albums & MP3s

Dix-cordes-de-nuit CDDix-cordes-de-nuit CD

Dix Cordes De Nuit (Ten Strings at Night)

Doctor Yannick and Mr Ben – from Dix Cordes De Nuit

Do It Now – from Dix Cordes De Nuit


Echec et Malt CD

Echec et Malt – (a play on the words Checkmate & Malt Whiskey – Checkmalt)

Bangalore – from Echec et Malt

Yannick Robert Interview

Yannick Robert interview 1

Yannick Robert interview 2

More Magazine Appearences

Yannick Robert Guitariste Magazine 2008

Yannick Robert in Guitariste Magazine 2008.


fretless-guit-mag_10-2001 – copie

guitariste-magazine_10-2001 – copie



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