Tim Donahue

Tim Donahue

Born in Niagara Falls, NY in 1958, he built his first guitar aged 15, later he built a fretless guitar with three pickups which became his main instrument while studying jazz at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, graduating in 1983. Tim and his wife Kumiko then moved to her native Japan.

tim donahue vigier

Tim Donahue with Vigier

In 1984/5 he built two fretless harp guitars, one later becoming fretted.
In 1986 Tim’s fretless guitar design was manufactured as the “Selva Tim Donahue Model” by Japan’s Ishibashi Instruments. This was accompanied by Tim’s fretless guitar tutorial book. (published in full on unfretted.com)

tim donahue sculptured fretless guitar

Tim Donahue, seen here with the sculptured fretless axe that he built in 1984.

Tim now concentrates on his harp guitar and the two man band Eclipse, featuring Tim and drummer Akira Yamazaki.

After some time trying to find a manufacturer who would adhere to Tim’s exacting requirements for the harp guitar in 2010 he teamed up with the ASKA/DEVISER Corp. based in Japan’s Nagano Mountains and a limited number of instruments are made every year.

Tim Donahue fretless harp guitar
Tim Donahue, with self built, fretless harp guitar


The Fifth Season (1986, 2006)
Still Dreaming (1994,vinyl)
Mark’s Mountain (1995 soundtrack CD)
Voices in the Wind (1996) vocals: Paul Rodgers
Into the Light (2000)
Fretless Guitar Masters (comp. 2001) – two tracks: Ambiguity, Dropzone.
Madmen & Sinners (2004) vocals: James LaBrie
Village of the Unfretted (comp. 2005) – Liftoff.
EarlyWorks (2006)



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Some more pictures…

Tim Donahue Kokobunji Jazz Festival

Tim at the Kokobunji Jazz Festival

Tim Donahue tour Japan 2005


Tim Donahue, tour Japan 2005

Tim’s 2005 tour of Japan

Tim Donahue Harp Guitar 1

tim donahue mishma hotel

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