Tellef Øgrim

Tellef Øgrim

Born in 1958, working as a journalist in Oslo, Norway. Tellef has played guitar since he was 11 and has several fretless MP3 files on his website. He used to release a track every month, but has since settled down. He also has CD compilations, currently selling on CD baby.

Tellef Øgrim
Tellef Øgrim, Norwegian Fretless Guitarist and Journalist in Oslo.

Tellef’s compositions are usually very haunting solos and we like them.

Tellef Øgrim, my guitar smells of fish
Tellef Øgrim in the traditional “My guitar smells of fish” pose.

Tellef converted this guitar to fretless over twenty years ago
and is a very accomplished composer and performer.

“There is no such thing” Tellef’s exclusive composition for Unfretted

Dirty Fretless Tafelmusik, recorded 27th October 2015

Fretless Discography

November, Kume (with Anders Berg 2014/15)
ANX (with Mugetuft) (KøProd 2013)
Left At The Self Bar (DidSheKnitThatHat 2013)
HYSJ for Radio and Fretless Guitars (DidSheKnitThatHat 2013)
Giddyup (Live at Paard) (DidSheKnitThatHat 2012)
What’s Wrong with Now? (Nottwo records 2012)
Do I the In? (Nottwo records 2008)
Wagon 8 (Curling Legs 2007)
There is No Such Thing (Track on “Village of the Unfretted” 2005)
Some Dodos Never Die (DidSheKnitThatHat 2004)



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