Sándor Szabó

Sándor Szabó

Born in Hungary 1956 Sándor was the first Hungarian acoustic guitarist and has pioneered the creation of innovative guitars, eight and sixteen string fretted acoustics along with an 8 string fretless. He also composes and performs experimental music in a new sound form called Ambimorph.

sandor twin oud

Sándor Szabó with fretless doubleneck koboz

Sándor Szabó with his fretless doubleneck koboz, an ancient Hungarian Lute.
He is currently working on forgotten and recalled Hungarian Maqams (Dec 2008)
and in April 2009 launched the website Modern Hungarian Maqam
which includes some very fine audio examples of this work.

sandor 16 string

Sándor Szabó with a stunning 16 string acoustic guitar.
Designed by Steve Klein and built by Hungarian luthier Tihamer Romanek

sandor 8 string fretless guitar

Sándor Szabó and his (unique?) 8 string fretless



www.hunmaqam.hu  – The Modern Hungarian Oriental Music (Hungarian Maqams)

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