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Patrice Vigier – Profile

Patrice Vigier of Grigny, France is a guitarist and luthier who has done much to kick start the present interest in fretless guitar.

patrice vigier

Patrice built his first classical fretless guitar in 1978/79 and the fingerboard was made of glass.

In 1980 he developed the Delta Metal fingerboard and this was used on the Vigier company’s Arpége fretless model. Sales of this model were slow and Patrice was discouraged that no guitarist was interested in it.

Thankfully Patrice had the resolve in 1997 to make the Excalibur Surfreter (Supra and Special) models which finally started to sell quite well. Ron Thal was a great help with this.

Now the number of guitarists using the Excalibur Surfretter includes artists such as Gary Moore, Frank Vigroux, Ron Thal, Jean Beauvoir, and of course the late Shawn Lane.


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