Ned Evett

Ned Evett

Born in Nashville Tennessee 1967, and raised in Boise, Idaho, Ned is the son of an English professor and an Opera singer. He started playing ukelele at age 11, moved to classical guitar, but quickly migrated to rock and became fretless in 1990, although he had been toying with the idea for a couple of years before that.

ned evett glass guitarist

Ned richly deserves the moniker: “The Glass Guitarist.”

Ned developed glass fingerboards in 1996 with his friends Cherian Jubilee and Rob Renick. In 1999 he launched the website selling Fernandes Guitars with glass fingerboards. In his own words: ”Glass is cheap, easy for an expert glass guy to cut and shape, and sounds incredible on fretless guitar” – Ned.

He won the North American Guitarist of the Year competition in 2003 and made the viral video Gollum Rap which had over 1,000,000 views. He is a keen film-maker producing his own videos. Ned is also a sculptor making “Nedheads” (amongst other items) some with magnets for fridge mounting.

In 2002 / 2003 he did 40 shows opening for Joe Satriani. He has also toured with Jonny Lang, George Thorogood and Eric Johnson.

In Joe Satriani’s own words: “Ned Evett is a monster player / writer / performer. I’ve had him on tour as a solo act, as well as with his different band lineups, and he always puts on a great performance. He has a good time with the audience, as he uses his unique personality to guide them through his music and his one-of-a-kind guitar style.” – Joe Satriani.


Ned Evett - too many bags

Too much baggage, Ned by the Mount Street sculpture, Liverpool 2005

His own bands have also featured famous sons: Kofi Baker (son of Ginger), Malcolm Bruce (son of Jack), sometimes in the same trio!

Ned is currently working on an animated series called TRI-DIVERS collaborating with Joe Satriani. With the motto: “Speed is all, Speed is enough.” it is a mesmerising collage of colour and sound set in this world and the crystal planet six hundred and forty million years in the future. With a very distinctive artistic style this looks like a very promising progression in Ned’s career.

In his own words:

In 2002/2003 I performed 40 shows with Satch as his support act, and was invited to play the east coast leg of his ‘evening with tour’ in October 2004. The first week of the tour was all in Florida, which had just been pummeled by 4 Hurricanes, people were ready for some entertainment.

For these tracks, recorded in Jackonville FL at the Florida theater, I used just my fretless resonator which I’ve dubbed the Globro. I premiered this guitar on tour with Frank Vigroux in February 2004, then did consecutive tours with Jonny Lang, George Thorogood, and Eric Johnson. My approach to playing the Globro and my signal chain evolved quickly under this busy schedule.

Evett Vigroux

From left to right; David Gantenbein, Ned Evett and Franck Vigroux playing live at the 12 Galaxies, San Francisco, Valentines Night 2004. (The guys say the flowers were not for them, just for the ladies.)

The Globro has a rich powerful sound, I often seek out concrete stairwells to warm up in. It weighs 18 pounds, so I have a neotech flexi-strap that cushions the blow weight wise. The glass fingerboard is 3/4 thick, and looks great against the polished aluminum. The Globro is outfitted with a Highlander IP-1X Inline Pickup, I loop my voice by singing through the resonator cone. It also features Planet Waves self-cutting tuners. I use Martin Marquis Medium strings with a plain third .20, and heavy picks.

ned evett pedalboard
Pedalboard 2005

For the signal chain:

First is an ART Tube Levelar Conmpressor, into a Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster, into a Boss OC-2, into two Line6 Dl4s ( one for looping and one for delay effects ) then straight into two channels of the Digidesign Venue Live Mixer Satriani was using for his last tour. The mixes are just the two mono channels, one voice one guitar, with a touch a reverb on mixdown on the voice track. Doug Nightwine was the Front of House Engineer.

The response on the tour was phenomenal, the songs off of my latest record still feel fresh after a year of touring. I feel like the Globro really connects with people sonically and visually too. I made a roadbot movie for this tour as well.

Following these gigs, I began to incorporate my electric into the solo act, switching off mid-song from globro to my sustainer guitar. I did a tour of Australia in March 2005 with this set-up, and I’ll be bringing both guitars to the UK for my July 5-25th tour.

Ned Evett, June 2005


Built to spill “The Normal Years” (1993) Ned + fretless on the song “Some Things Last a Long Time”.
Introduction to fretless guitar (1999)
Fretless Guitar Masters (comp. 2001) – Ocular, Oze
Live in Paris, with Jerome Curry (recorded Dec 8, 2001)
Circus Liquor (2002)
iStole (2004)
Village of the Unfretted (compilation 2005) The Evidence
Ned Evett Live (AKA Live at the Jacksonville Theatre)
Shine Like a Diamond (Promo DVD)
Middle of the Middle (2007)
4 Songs Live (2009)
Afraid4U (2010)
Treehouse (2011) producer Adrian Belew


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Some archive pictures:

ned evett american guitarist competition

Picture by: Jim Bush

ned evett glass guitarist

Picture by: Eileen Elibol

ned evett glass guitarist

Picture by: Jim Bush

ned evett

Picture by: Tony Harrison

ned evett glass guitarist

Picture by: Jason Munroe

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Picture by: Tony Harrison

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Picture by: Tony Harrison

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Picture by: Eman Phillips

Pictures from UK tours:

ned evett riffs

Workshop at Riffs Guitar School, 2005

Ned evett zoo bar st helens

Zoo Bar St Helens 2006

Ned Evett, Iguana Bar, Manchester, 2005

Iguana Bar, Manchester, 2005

Clip from the Wigan Evening Post:

Ned Evett Jahloon stork inn Billinge

Ned Evett stork inn text


Clip from the St. Helens Reporter:

ned evvet st helens reporter

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