Michael Vick

Michael Vick

Michael Lloyd Vick (aka) Michael ATONAL Vick, (b.24_November_1972) 3:01 PM in Fairfax County, Va., Michael ripped the frets of his Tele in ’95 & hasn’t turned back. His first All FretLess CD was “UnFret My Heart”, and did we mention he plays fretless bass too?

Michael ATONAL Vick

A very early montage of Michael Vick (2003)

Michael ATONAL Vick banned

What’s this all about? Well Michael was playing this bar, the crowd was good, for any bar; some people actually listening others talking & playing pool. After about an hour Michael was abruptly asked to stop by a large bouncer. (Nobody likes bouncers) When he asked what the problem was; the bouncer said that 10 people had left while Michael was performing. Well we reckon two things; Michael lives to play another day and the bouncer didn’t get his pic posted here. The full story is on the forum.


Smell La Mitten (2004)
Hectic-Eclectic (2004)
Free-Master Bass-tion (2003)
Dynamic-Intentions with Marginal-Sleep
Floating On A Time-Scale Inbetween
Soft Side Hard Live + (2002)
VVV My Neck (2005)
Dangerous Demos of an Unfretted Heart (2006)
UnFret My Heart (2006)
Fretless Guitar and Bass (2004)
Fretless Shadows (DVD) (2004, 2005)
Interjections Parts 1 and 2 – Wits End (1996)
Foothills Jam – VEAD (2010)


Hear MAV’s new-tune Mixed-Glorys on the new ClassWar Karaoke release Survey 0031 that also features 50 other various artists including Adrian Belew and Vincent Berger Rond all right there on the edge, enjoy FreeMusicArchive!

Check out Vick’s new recording w/ outside Bassist/Musician MonoNeon called John Cage on Soul Train


MAV performed on fretless guitars at the Shawn Lane 10 Year Memorial Fest in Memphis,TN on
Sat., September 22nd, 2013

Sass-Aye Live in NYC 2006

Performing fretless guitar live w/ Indian slide guitar pioneer Debashish Bhattacharya & drummer Jeff Sipe/Apt. Q-258


VVVEAD: Lay-Extensions live on WUGA

Space, Last Week…….

Observations Of Love

Hurricanes influencing microtones & fretless guitars

Fretless Classical Guitar in the morning & on tv………


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