Loren Claypool

Loren Claypool

Loren Claypool with Fretless Guitar

Loren Claypool with Fretless Guitar

Loren Claypool is a multi-instrumentalist / composer based in Charleston, West Virginia, USA. His solo album, One Feather Shy, was released on August 26, 2008 on Clayphonic Records. Loren plays acoustic, electric, fretless, lap steel, touch, and synthesizer guitars. He composes, arranges, loops, improvises, and manipulates sounds across genre boundaries as diverse as progressive, ambient, Guitar Craft-style acoustic ensemble, and spaghetti western. The common thread is guitar as the basis for his instrumental music.

Currently (as of 2015) Loren is working on a new album “Breathe”.

In his own words:

The fretless guitar really does come into its own in ambient music. Not being tied to a fixed note system gives the artist a freedom of expression so well suited to the genre.


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