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Killick Hinds – Profile

Previously known as Erik Hinds, Killick lives in Athens, Georgia and is active as a composer, performer, and promoter of a wide range of music.

Killick Hinds, seven string quartertone guitar.

Killick Hinds, with seven string quartertone fretted guitar.

Killick played fretless 7 string electric guitar for several years, then started playing an 11 string fretless Warr guitar.

He is presently playing a quartertone fretted 7 string electric guitar and a quartertone fretted guitar/bass/cello combo called the H’arpeggione.

Killick with H'arpeggione

Killick with H’arpeggione, and yes we know its not fretless, but never mind that, count the winders!

This is a H’arpeggione and has 18 strings, 12 are sympathetic, and they run through
a channel in the neck and emerge over the body to a separate “buzzing” bridge, akin to
the jawari bridge on a sitar. The six strings are tuned from low contrabass Eb,
then up in fifths- B Gb Db Ab Eb. It is bowable or pluckable, and is quartertone fretted.
Read Erik’s article on Quartertone Fretting, specially written for Unfretted.
The H’arpeggione was made by Fred Carlson, see

He has been working with the H’arpeggione’s builder, Fred Carlson, on a fretless/fretted harp guitar. This has 38 strings and is called Big Red. This new guitar puts Erik squarely back in the fretless realm.

Killick Hinds with Big Red

Killick Hinds with Big Red

He describes his style as Appalachian trance metal, with a free improvisation and a minimalist sensibility.

He has played with William Buchanan, Chris Cutler, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Lisle Ellis, Drew Gardner, the Georgia Guitar Quartet, Vinny Golia, Frank Gratkowski, Carl Ludwig Huebsch, Harald Kimmig, Peter Kowald, Larry Ochs, Brian Osborne, Ravi Padmanabha, Julie Powell, Dave Rempis, Blaise Siwula, Sándor Szabó, Ken Vandermark, Eric Zinman, and his own SS Puft Quartet among others. Erik plays quartertone electric guitar and the H’arpeggione, an upright instrument with 12 sympathetic strings. His current groups are the Jeff Crouch/Erik Hinds duo, Soft Rain on Dark Earth, Dream In Three Persons, and Kyle Dawkins’ Walls became the world.

Killick lives in a solar powered house with his wife (and dog)


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