Jack Mazzenga

Jack Mazzenga

Trio at Jerry's Jack Mazzenga
Photo: Tara Griffin

Composer and Fretless Guitarist Jack Mazzenga was born in Chicago in 1955.
He has spent years on stage and in the studio as a sideman.

He started playing fretless in ’84 when as a professional repairman he was converting basses and was curious about what a six string guitar would be like. He stopped for a cup of coffee, and returned to Fretless Guitar in 2006 when he became hooked after converting a 5 string for his bass player.

Jack Mazzenga fretless guitar collection

Jack owns seven fretless instruments, two acoustics, five electrics. The fretless mandolin was used on the Acoustic a la Mode album.

Jack lives just North of Chicago and plans to continue writing, recording and playing live as much as possible utilizing the fretless guitar.

Jack Mazzenga Glasstop at Grandpa's


Here’s the trio/quintet:
‘Local Color’ live from ‘Had to Say’ 8th August 2015

‘Lefthanded Compliment’ live as a quartet with two fretless guitars from ‘Had to Say’:

‘Weedwacker’ – Unrecorded so far, but so much fun:

‘Swing Thing’ fretless acoustic closeup:


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