Gunnar Backman

Gunnar Backman

Swedish based fretless virtual guitarist, producer, technician, composer, arranger, and musician. Gunnar says this about his own music. “I play more and more free form music based on sounds and live loops, live samples and live delays. I have also written classical pieces, such as an organ concert that had its premiere in St. Petersburg, Russia. I have also written choir works, string quartet chamber music, etc.”

gunnar backman doubleneck fretless guitar
Gunnar Backman.

Wonka – Gunnars band at the Gothenborg International Arts & Soundfestival 2014
What the critics said: Imagine the aesthetics of Miles Davis at the time of Amandla but with the musical approach of Bitches Brew. Or perhaps a Joe Zawinul as dreamed up by Bo Hansson. This is free flowing in all directions, yet firmly anchored in something distinctly Scandinavian.

yggdrasil fretless guitar doubleneck
An impressive beast, Yggdrasil, crafted by Fredrik Nevborn.

Yggdrasil (the tune)

Crazy floorwork, the amazing VG88.

Pat’s Diner

Storm (Makam)


Discography (fretless)

Christy O’Leary & Bert Deivert
SONG’S SWEET CARESS  Paban Das Baul / Jonny Wartel
The “LITTLE NOISES” CD by Marcia Pelletiere produced by Margaret Dorn
David Härenstam Band – “What happened in Fremantle?”
Tors Hammare – “Art Species and Other Creatures”
Tors Hammare -“THE SAMI OUT TAPES”
Brak(E)man -Yeah Guitar!
Tinnitus Therapi Trip “You’ve Lost Your Audience”
Tinnitus Therapi Trip “Tarekt”
Brak(E)man-Unbelievabilly – Wonka a Collaboration
Wonka Live – “Wonka Live at Eyedrum Atlanta” (2009)
Trash Nova – Baptet (Brakophonic 2014)

Tinnitus Therapy Trip NYC festival 2005 pics

Gunnar Backman – virtual fretted and fretless guitar, live samples and live delays.
Michele Collins – vocals, voicepoetry.
Henrik Wartel – Drums
Jonny Wartel – Saxophones and div. wind instruments, live samples and live delays.

Gunnar, Jonny, Michele.

Gunnar Backman.

Gunnar, Henrik, Michele, Jonny.


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