Greg Segal

Greg Segal


Greg Segal is an artist who’s work hovers the dark boundaries between psych, space, prog, and experimental. After a first listen to of a couple of albums we thought; Steve Hillage meets Pink Floyd, but Greg’s work is more expansive than that.

He has an excellent website: Phantom Airship and while his work is prolific he uses his fretless guitar sparingly.

Greg Segal’s fretless guitar

In his own words:

“I’ve owned my fretless since ’85. It’s by the Acoustic company, not too many of them were made. I bought it used at a shop in Reseda, California, where it sat for a few years before I bought it. When they first got it in, they wanted something like $1400 for it. I would have bought it immediately but couldn’t afford to. So people would come in, pick it up, play it for a while and pass when they discovered they’d really have to approach it like a new instrument. When I picked it up for $175 they were glad to see it go. I wouldn’t be without it. If it got trampled by an elephant tomorrow I’d have to get another fretless.”

Greg Segal – Fretless Guitar Tracks

While Greg is a prolific artist his fretless tracks are peppered around his work. Greg kindly sent us this compilation of his fretless work:

King of Illusion from the 1985 album, A Man Who Was Here.

L.A. River Rafting from the 1983 album, Darkland Express, pt.2.

Faro inspects the borders from the 2003 album, Asleep or Somewhere Else. (with
Eric Wallack) Greg Segal on Fretless Guitar, bowed device. Eric Wallack; randomised percussion, organ.

Zap’n The Cap’n from the 2003 album, Asleep or Somewhere Else. (with Eric Wallack) Greg on Fretless Guitar, live looping. Eric Wallack; Lead Guitar.

The Place of Three Roads from the 2004 album, An Awareness Of Frameworks

Neal Smith’s Invisible Trike, pt.2 from the 2004 album, Standard.

Mona Greets Everyone With Chest Pain from the Jugalbandi album, Asleep or Somewhere Else. Jugalbandi is: Hyam Sosnow – drums, Greg Segal – Guitar.

Processes Unknown from the album The Old Familiar Place

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