Ed DeGenaro

Ed DeGenaro

Ed does extensive fretless work and also endorses Vigier Guitars. Ed also works as an engineer, counting Elliot Sharp’s last release, Secular Steel, as one recent project. When asked, Ed reckoned his top three favourite guitars would be; Fretless – Vigier Surfretter, Strat – Suhr Classic, and best all purpose – Eggle Single chambered.

ed degenero and wilma

Ed DeGenaro and “Wilma”¬†seen together at Namm 2007

Building Wilma

wilma controls

Lets see…body is mahagony, top is Black wood. I hate black hardware. The pick-up rings are ebony so silver isn’t an option. 8 string will be tuned E-A-D-G-C-F-A-D, bottom like a bass top like a guitar a whole step down. It won’t be light but it has some good size chambers so it won’t be too crazy. – Ed

wilma bridges

8 & 7 string stop bridges

wilma pickups

8 pole humbuckers

wilma 8 string head

8 string head

wilma backside

Nice backside!

Pics of Ed’s custom fretless guitar, Betty.

betty fretless guitar 01

betty fretless guitar 02

betty fretless guitar 03

betty fretless guitar 04

O’Donnell Custom Guitars

Shawn Lane Benefit Concert

Pics from the Shawn lane benefit at the New Daisy Theater, Memphis, August 2005
Ed DeGenaro / Craig Erickson / Andy Timmons, backed by Shawn’s Powers Of Ten Live band, which happens to have Fuze’s drummer, Sean Rickman
Black Oak Arkansas headlined.

shawn lane benefit concert 1

Warm up

shawn lane benefit concert 2

shawn lane benefit concert 3

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