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“Guitar player, bass player and sitar player Barend Tromp is hard to pigeon-hole as a musician. Elements from world music and fusion are combined with influences from guitar players like Frank Zappa and Robert Fripp as well as twentieth century classical composers like Steve Reich and Debussy” – Co de Kloet, Radio 6.

Barend Tromp hand 1
Barend Tromp with Vigier Guitar

Barend Tromp Biography

Barend Tromp is an experimental guitar player and composer from the Netherlands. He graduated as a classical guitar player at the Dutch conservatory and as a music scientist at the Amsterdam University.

In his music he is inspired by adventurous guitar players like Frank Zappa, Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew and David Torn but also by 20th century classical composers like Debussy, Stravinsky and Steve Reich. World music also plays a large role in his music.

Barend also plays sitar (the main string instrument from India) and has lived a year in India to further develop his sitar playing. Besides guitar and sitar he also plays fretless bass and double bass. Fretless guitar was therefore the next logical step for him. On his fretless Vigier guitar he combines his guitar chops with the things he has learned on sitar and fretless bass. This resulted in a very personal guitar style that is difficult to pigeonhole.

For the last few years Barend has been mainly occupied with soundscapes. In these he creates a unique canvas of sounds on his guitar with the use of loops and long delays. These adventurous sounds can be harmonious and spherical but at the same time rhythmic and dissonant. These techniques were already used in the early seventies by composers like Terry Riley and Brian Eno. But with today’s technology even more is possible and there are no more limits.

Barend has played at the Seventh Dutch fretless guitar festival in The Hague 2012 and at The Third Fretless Guitar and Just Intonation festival in Austria 2015.


Instruments: Vigier Surfreter fretless guitar, fretless Wal bass, Barun Roy and Hari Chand sitar, double bass

Effects: Axe fx II, Eventide H9, Hexe Revolver plus lots of other pedals



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