Tim Donahue, James LaBrie, Mike Mangini, Madmen & Sinners – extra tracks!

Madmen & SinnersWant to hear four tracks from the 2004 Madmen & Sinners sessions that never made it onto the album? Look no further than Unfretted. Though the sessions were in 2004 the four songs were not completed at the time. In 2016 Tim finally got around to completing the tracks and posting them on Soundcloud.

The tracks are: Falling Sky / History Repeats / A Heartbeat Away / All That Remains, and they fall very much into the atmosphere of the original album.

Tim Donahue: electric harp guitar. bass, vocals, vocal manipulations
James LaBrie: vocals
Mike Mangini: drums

Written & produced by Tim Donahue
Copyright 2016 Tim Donahue Music (BMI)

More Pictures from the sessions…

James LaBrie
James LaBrie

Mike Mangini
Mike Mangini

TD DT drummer Mike Mangini
Tim Donahue and Mike Mangini

Tim Donahue, James LaBrie
Tim Donahue and James LaBrie


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