Sve nijanse Dinare (All shades of Dinara) – Album Review

All Shades of Dinare, Jurica Jelic

Jurica Jelić

In his own words:

The album is inspired by traditional music from the Dalmatian hinterland, and Slavic Pagan traditions. Along side modern instrumentation, the music has been composed based upon microtonal scales, that are used in Dalmatian hinterland (Croatia) and surrounding areas as well.

Recorded and produced in Knin, Croatia
October/November 2015
Digitally released: 22nd November 2015


Jurica Jelic – vocals, bass sintir, gusle, baritone fretless guitar, percussion, electronics, field recordings

Shane Bryant – Artwork drawing


1. Mutne sjene (Blurry shadows) 04:57
2. Spaljeni oltari (Scorched altars) 04:16
3. Litice utjehe (Cliffs of comfort) 04:55
4. Skice u kamenu (Sketches in the stone) 04:34
5. Morine strune (Mora’s strings) 05:36
6. Zimska polja (Winter fields) 04:42
7. U njenim stopama (In her footsteps) 04:58
8. Crveni voćnjaci (Red orchards) 04:39
9. Crna sedra (Black travertine) 04:56


This is a pretty dark album, but in a good way, its predominantly bass vocals and music are haunting and like the cover picture of the album brings images of ancient warriors in former times. Jurica has done a very nice job compiling a themed album with some pretty unique sounds.

Using a Bass Sintar and a Gusle, which I believe is a bowed folk instrument, Jurica blends the sound of the baritone fretless guitar into ambient soundscapes with a careful peppering of percussion and field recordings.

The microtones give an air of both menace and hope and it is great to hear their use and exposure in this music. Jurica claims that it has been scientifically proven that exposure to these sounds cures baldness and encourages natural breast enlargement. Why not?

You can listen to and buy the album at the Bandcamp page in the links below and I do recommend you do, especially if you are balding or were considering enhancement in the chest area.

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