KUME – album review – Tellef Øgrim & Anders Berg

KUMA Tellef Øgrim & Anders Berg

KUME – Overview

The CD is a limited edition of 60, we got number 19. Arrived just after Xmas 2015. Hard to categorise though you could drop it somewhere between Avant grade and Ambient with the very new Scandinavian influences heard in those fields. This is very different from Tellef Øgrim’s usual output and the second time he has collaborated with Anders Berg.


Tellef Øgrim – Fretted and Fretless Guitars, Electronics, Percussion
Anders Berg – Basses, Electronics


Simlas 2015
All music by Anders Berg / Tellef Øgrim
Mastered by Gunnar Backman
Cover Photo taken at Stortingsgata 30 in Oslo (architect Leif Torp,1930)
Cover Design by Pevanni


  1. Chase
  2. Gavotte
  3. Far from Hospitality
  4. Risk of Optimism
  5. December
  6. More Dog
  7. I’m ready for My Close-Up
  8. Eternity Left Behind
  9. KUME
  10. Flagirk’s Tail


The album starts off with “Chase”, which has some interesting atmospherics and a kill switch on the main desk by the sound of it. Second track “Gavotte” is a journey into string bashing that you have to hear. Third track “Far from Hospitality” explores some interesting territory with some curious bass sounds, dropping into a minimalist maze reminiscent of some of Tellef’s earlier work, Anders bass work works well though and there is some starting fretless work towards the end of the track (think of a fight between a duck and a bee). “Risk of Optimism” has some very nice whirling weather type sounds. December starts very simply with guitar with soft bass sounds and just when you have turned up the volume to hear what is going on the guitar blasts in, in a good way though picking patterns against the rabbit like bass lines. “More Dog” is the first to feature fuzz on the guitar and has some lovely clicky percussion, cannot help thinking I’m in a Korean Restaurant about to ask the waiter for something…. “Waiting for my Close-Up” has some lovely percussive sounds at the start and progresses down a dark passageway haunted by ethereal sounds, broken accordions, strange machines, very scary. “Eternity Left Behind” could almost be a continuation of the previous track with some very weird sounds following a lonely guitar. “KUME” the title track is brazen and menacing and breaks into an avalanche of distorted notes from which there is no shelter. Finishing off with “Flagirk’s Tail” imagine you are on an old Soviet Train crossing Siberia and there is something mechanical adrift with the rails, and there is nothing anyone can do about it….

I really enjoyed this album, its a great trip from start to finish. Tellef Øgrim & Anders Berg work well together providing a unique musical experience. If you are into Ambient Avant Garde with an experimental slant – this is for you!

Review – Jahloon (December 2015)


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