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KÖLEN – Overview

KÖLEN is the third album from the duo collaboration of Norwegian fretless guitarist Tellef Øgrim and Swedish bassist Anders Berg.

The album’s eight tracks are improvisations on analogue and electronic instruments and delivers a blend of a mood of the dark Nordic and drone-coloured atmospheres resonating with the dramatic geology of the mountains of the Scandinavian peninsula where both musicians live. All tracks are free expressions built on the foundations of rock, jazz and more abstract oriented musical styles.


Tellef Øgrim – Fretted and Fretless (normal and baritone) Guitars, the Hadron Particle Synthesizer and other instruments.
Anders Berg – Acoustic Bass and Electric Bass.


All music by Anders Berg / Tellef Øgrim
Mixed and mastered by the duo
Cover art design: Studio DOT


  1. KÖLEN
  2. Home Alone
  3. Dundraren
  4. Granitization
  5. Ignimbrite
  6. Gneisossity
  7. For Some Sin or Other
  8. Introspections


The album starts off with “KÖLEN”, which has some interesting atmospherics and a somewhat disturbing electric arcing sound as if some Tesla based device is sparking away in the corner of the studio. The duo prioritise feeling over hi-fi and microphone noise is used actively in the sound picture. Noise is sometimes played as if it was an instrument. “Home Alone” is predominantly bass lead with some great sounds, a bit like being alone in an Underground (Metro) station. “Dundraren” is far more brash and striding, reminiscent of Tellef’s solo performances. “Granitization” just about sums up this track, like Tellef says, it’s all about Geology. “Ignimbrite” is one of the shorter tracks with the kill button effect on the distorted sounds against a background of fairly clean guitar work. Now for the shortest track “Gneisossity” not sure what it means but if you imagine the Missus hoovering while you are trying to listen to ambient heavy metal, that’s pretty close. “For Some Sin or Other” Is nicely ambient and haunting, almost the soundtrack to an old Sci-Fi series. The final track weighs in at a mighty 22:57 minutes, “Introspections” cracks off with some lovely phasing and some startlingly weird sounds with some nice fretless sections, there are many short silences, like the guys have some strange weapon and are firing sounds from it at you.

A very enjoyable album and once again Tellef Øgrim & Anders Berg have their feet firmly planted in Experimental  Ambient Avant-Garde Music. If you enjoyed their previous work, you are going to love this one!

Review – Jahloon – (June 2016)


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