Jack Mazzenga, Acoustic a la Mode, review

Jack Mazzenga – Acoustic a la Mode

Acoustic a La Mode - Jack Mazzenga

Jack is fast becoming a major force in the Fretless Guitar world and attracts some fine guest musicians on his albums and this one is no exception:

Jack Mazzenga – Acoustic Fretless Guitar, Fretless Mandolin
Neil Haverstick – Fretless Banjo, acoustic fretless classical guitar, oud
Jim Petti – Fretless 5 string bass
Michael Thomson – Percussion
Mitch Goldman – Trumpet
Joe Brown – Tenor Sax, Flute

Humour is alway’s a part of Jack’s music and the album kicks off with “Swing Thing” a racey 12 bar with the run out sounding like an old scratchy 78rpm record. Jack does do that quite often, throwing in sound effects between tracks. 🙂
I often go by the rule “Play Track Six” on a CD as more often than not, that is the definitive track on the album, well “Tongue & Groove” certainly is a corker with a latin beat. What Jack has done is create a varied acoustic guitar album with a lot of different styles. Sometimes you can guess the style by the title “Jack’s Breakdown” for instance, a banjo fuelled madhouse. It is certainly difficult to categorise the album as a whole, there is some great playing, lots of picking and sweeping, even a solo mandolin track. If you are a fretless player this CD will give you plenty of ideas, it really is refreshing to hear all these styles played on acoustic fretless guitar. The album ends on a high note, a country style picking delight. As Jack says: “If there are no risks, there are no rewards. Music is joy and should be fun.” well it certainly is on this album, very much recommended.

Review – Jahloon
September 2015

Jack Mazzenga

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