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CD Divagation George Zikos Fretless Guitar

Classification – Really cool chill-out music

George Zikos

George Zikos on stage

Greek Fretless Guitarist George Zikos has been playing fretless guitar since 1986 and how he slipped under our radar until now is inexplicable, but let’s make up for lost time…

Divigation is his fretless guitar solo album.


All compositions & arrangements by George Zikos
George Zikos: Fretless electric guitar, Acoustic & Classical Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming.
Recording & remix by George Zikos at Diatoniko Studio (2013-2014)
Cover painting by Rhea Dazy
Dedicated to: Rhea, Spiros , Petros, Alexis, Alina


  1. Aurora
  2. Cars
  3. Aura
  4. Avia
  5. Iris
  6. Fun
  7. Blue
  8. Aithra
  9. Elevation
  10. New Day
  11. Nostalgia
  12. Eris
  13. Divagation
  14. Anthemis


The title “Divagation” which means to wander or drift about, is very apt, though most of the album is very cool and relaxed the backing can be quite funky especially on the track Eris. The title track, Divagation, has a great underlying tension to it, reminiscent of the Who’s Quadrophenia in parts, with the fretless guitar played with great control and expression. The final track, Anthemis is also upbeat and when it finishes, you just want to play the whole thing again.

George has an excellent fretless tone and technique, right from the start there are haunting melodies and sensitive nuances showing just what a master of the fretless guitar George is. If you wanted to hear just how beautiful the fretless guitar can sound, I can highly recommend this album, play it loud in the daytime, soft at night, but do give it a listen!

Review – Jahloon, March 2016


Note: The extra graphics on the videos are created by Rhea Dazy.

The first track from Divigation – Aurora

This is the second track from Divigation – Cars

This is an appearance on Greek television by George Zikos and his band in 1998, where he explains fretless guitar and the techniques used with it. The interviewer is Christos Papadopoulos, a Greek multi-instrumentalist, if you do not speak Modern Greek, skip the interviews and watch the music…


George Zikos Facebook

Diatoniko Studio

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