About Us – Unfretted – Fretless Guitar

About Us – Unfretted – Fretless Guitar

The Unfretted, or Fretless Guitar popped into existance in the last century. Currently the fastest growing cult instrument in the World today it is played by the famous and the soon to become famous. The wide range of musical styles and genres heard on the fretless guitar are only matched by the diverse and colourful artists playing this unique instrument.

The site was originally intended as a purely fretless guitar resource, but so many other fretless instruments have come along, we have included them too. Not only that but some of the multi-fretted quartertone guitars also get some space.

The website was created in 2003 and kept the same format until mid-2015. The site was then rewritten with the help and advice of Derek Booth of Sigmaweb. The original content was converted, updated tweaked, twisted and tweaked again. The idea was to produce a magazine type website, yet retain all the original content and information, all compatible with mobile / tablets / ipad devices.

Thanks to Graham George for the image on the logo which is featured in full on the cover of the book¬†“Fretless Guitar the Definitive Guide”

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