Vectrexcentricity – Killick Hinds, Michael Manring, Fretless Videos from Gig & Studio

Killick Hinds linked up with Michael Manring and Jamie DeRevere to form the trio Vectrexcentricity who performed at Athica last week. Prior to the gigs they met up at The Glow Studio to create the album “Lifelike Boy Android” which is already mixed and should be released soon.

Michael Manring
Michael Manring


Killick Hinds with Flowers
Killick Hinds


Vectrexcentricity: Live at ATHICA (Athens, Georgia)

Michael Manring, Jamie DeRevere, and Killick Hinds played two live improvisational shows immediately following their “Lifelike Boy Android” album studio session. This recording is the first of three songs from the second night. September 29, 2016.

The Glow Studio: ME16WGA

“Lifelike Boy Android” Studio Session. Athens, Georgia. September 27, 2016.

Killick Hinds (guitar)
Michael Manring (bass)
Jamie DeRevere (drums)

Guitars & Video by Rick Toone


Killick Hinds and Michael Manring Fretless Guitar / Bass Gig at Athica

Guitars by Rick Toone:

Killick Hinds:

More Killick

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