Fretless Guitar – The Definitive Guide

The Full History of the Fretless Guitar:
John Lennon's fretless, Jimi Hendrix's fretless, Frank Zappa on fretless.
Fretless Guitar Festivals from around the World.
Fretless Guitar Hardware and how to set up a fretless guitar. (what no luthier will tell you)
Converting a normal fretted guitar to a fretless guitar. (step by step guide)
Building a Fretless Guitar. (from readily available materials)
How to play a Fretless Guitar. (tuning, scales, chords, alternate tuning)
Fretless Guitar and MIDI. (plus a few MIDI myths exploded)
Fretless Guitar Gallery. (the pretty ones)
The Fretless Guitar Players. (the pretty ones too!)
Fretless CD's (over 200 listed)
The Fretless Guitar Dictionary.
All you need to enter the very exclusive world of fretless guitar including:
pros and cons and FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions that your mother never, ever, told you.)

For the month of October 2018 only, every book ordered will get a free copy of the Double CD "Village of the Unfretted"

Fretless Guitar - The Definitive Guide, 77 pages in full colour printed on high quality gloss paper.


Price: £14.99

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