“Jimi Hendrix take Cover” album soon to be released by Gunnar Backman

Gunnar Backman

Gunnar Backman has announced the forthcoming release of his Fretless Guitar album “Jimi Hendrix take Cover” we preview two of the tracks here at Unfretted.

This is not the first Fretless Guitar album featuring Hendrix covers, that was “Purple” by Nguyên Lê (2002) with radically new arrangements.

Gunnar’s approach to music is quite different, to go straight to the studio and record the raw improvisation of the music he is interpreting.  In his own words: “I don’t think we should rehearse at all before recording, it would somehow destroy the music.”

Tracks to be included on the album are: Voodoo Child, Foxy Lady, Manic Depression, If 6 was 9, and Purple Haze.

Jimi Hendrix Take Cover

Line Up

Gunnar Backman: Fretless Virtual Guitar, Live Loops, Noise, Voice, Drums, Mix and Master.
Anders Berg: Bass, Sounds, Noise, Mix.


Foxy Lady

Purple Haze


Gunnar Backman (Unfretted)

Gunnar’s Fandalism page

Gunnar Backman (Facebook)

brakophonic.bandcamp.com/album/jimi-hendrix-take-cover (Album released 13/Sept/2016)

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