Fretless Guitar Lessons – Mecca – Saudi Arabia


Fretless Guitar lessons available in a luxury hotel in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Before booking check your ability to visit as this is the most holy city in Islam. The one day lessons take place on 3/Nov/2015, 1/Dec/2015, 5/Jan/2015, 2/Feb/2015. The cost for a single lesson is 8745 SAR (Saudi Riyal) that’s $2332 USD, £1522 GBP, €2054 EUR. If you budget does not stretch that far, check out our free lessons on Unfretted.


This course is designed to teach delegates the how to play fretless guitar. This is a new form of guitar and the techniques are still developing. The origins of this form come from Turkey but we will not necessarily be teaching Turkish music.


No pre-requisites for this course (but check you qualify to enter Mecca)

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at those with an interest in playing guitar

Course Outline:

Finding the notes without frets
Making the transition from a fretted guitar
The difference between fretted and fretless
Finger positions
Plucking techniques
When might a fretless guitar be best?

Location details:

Raffles Makkah Palace
King Abdul Aziz Endowment
Saudi Arabia


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One thought on “Fretless Guitar Lessons – Mecca – Saudi Arabia

  1. Some early violins like the Viols and some Viola De Gambas acuatlly did have frets, but they were not the frets we know today. They simply had a thick cord of sinew or intestine tied across the fingerboard. Some period instruments, as well as the modern Vihuella (A Mexican Mariachi instrument, with a thick round back, tuned the same as a guitar, but with the bottom two string tuned an octave above and with five strings instead of six) still have these corded frets. Guitars have frets to facilitate chording. It is hard enough to play a single note in tune, but to play a series of notes all together and get each one exactly in place is cumbersome and problematic. I have played a fretless guitar and can attest to the fact that while it was nice for solo work, I would not want to play rhythm guitar on one for any length of time. If you want truly smooth slurs and slides by the way, all you have to do is raise the action and use a piece of glass or metal. The bottleneck style of playing with a dobro or slide guitar is also fretless, and quite haunting if done right!

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