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Fretless Guitar Artists - Metal / Progressive

F R E T L E S S   A R T I S T S


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Fretless guitar might not seem the first weapon of choice for
progressive metal, until you hear it!

Tim Donahue
Ron Thal
Ed DeGenaro
James Went
Karl Sanders
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Updated: 22/January/2011

Tim Donahue - American born virtuoso fretless player now living in Japan. Tim's 1986 book, Fretless 6-String Guitar Techniques is now published in the Masterclasses section. But do take a look at the fretless guitar collection on his new website, well worth a visit. Tim has just completed his 6th solo fretless album, Madmen and Sinners, released 5/April/2004 professionally reviewed on: www.rockdetector.com/artist,42353.sm but if you like our style, we review it in Unfretted's Reviews Section You can also listen to excerpts from all the tracks on www.melodicrock.com
There is a further TD interview at Revelation Z Magazine.
Tim has kindly allowed us to post his promo company's report on tracks played on radio stations around the world. Download this June 2004 PDF. (128K)
Don't forget Tim's Pic in the Gallery. Also check out Unfretted's exclusive interview with Tim talking about his latest album "Madmen & Sinners".

Ron Thal - The influential fretless guitarist who fronts "Bumblefoot". His site is excellent and worth visiting just to oogle the bumblefoot guitar. (Make sure your PC sound is turned on.) Ron's style ranges across nu-metal, shredding, and even bangs against the borders of rap. If you need a little sideways humour, listen to "Ray Gun" an update on "Machine Gun". Ron kindly gave us this interview / fireside chat.

Ed DeGenaro - Ed does extensive fretless work and also endorses Vigier Guitars. Ed also works as an engineer, counting Elliot Sharp's last release, Secular Steel, as one recent project. When asked, Ed reckoned his top three favourite guitars would be; Fretless - Vigier Surfretter, Strat - Suhr Classic, and best all purpose - Eggle Single chambered. He is currenltly working on his new CD, Gods And Monstas.

Meanwhile check out his Acoustic mini CD "Nylon 'n' Steel, plus "Live at the Knitting Factory" all fretless CD & DVD and Ed & Chris Nix with Shawn Lane's Powers Of Ten Band "Remembering Shawn Lane - Live on Beale St" DVD all at: http://kunaki.com/sales

James Went from Wales in the United Kingdom, plays fretless with his band
Ten Men Wide. Also has some solo MP3's at: www.soundclick.com/jameswent
Pics and more info coming soon.

Karl Sanders lead guitarist in the death metal band Nile uses a double neck with 11-string fretless (by KxK guitars) featured on several songs from the album Ithyphallic.

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