Scales with Slides

Fretless 6-String Guitar Technique – Tim Donahue

IVb. Scales with Slides

To take full advantage of the singing quality of the fretless guitar, scales and phrases should be practiced with the use of slides (glissandi). To connect scales in various positions along the fingerboard, slides can be used to avoid certain stretches in one position by moving to another position. Obviously, the more familiar one is with the many positions and fingerings on the fingerboard, the less apt you are to get lost when going from position to position. Note that here, all slides are not greater than a major 2nd interval. For example, a G major scale can be played as follows without any stretches:



Note: These slides should be correctly placed in order to avoid falling into a position that requires stretches:


Even sliding to an E on the 5th string with the third finger will not yield a position from which no stretches are necessary:


We could, however move into a satisfactory position without stretching by sliding into the E with the 4th finger. The 4th finger is not already fingering a diatonic note, therefore, this way of getting into the desired position is not really our objective here, the idea is to slide an already fingered note.


There are many possibilities for pentatonic scales:


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