Album Review – Tolkein, Ainulindalë – Melopœia Project – 26 EDO album

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Last month we had an in depth look at Dave Tremblay’s musical project, Melopœia, which consists of translating word by word – text to music through a tailor-made 26-EDO tuning system. For the album, Tolkien Ainulindalë, he chose to translate the first chapter of Tolkien’s Silmarillion: the Ainulindalë, into a style of his choice: Orchestral Black Metal. The album is now released so we are able to review it in detail.

To grasp the theory behind making the music it is pretty important to read about the theory and practice behind everything – all available here: Melopœia Project – 26 EDO album based on Tolkein’s Silmarillion – Ainulindalë

This is quite a departure from conventional music making, not involving musical instruments, and drawing composition from written text.

Tolkien Ainulindalë – The Album Review

tolkien ainulindale back
Rear cover – Tolkien Ainulindalë

The gear being used is all VST material, from Plogue’s Sforzando and Chipsounds, and EZ Drummer. The microtonal notation software Mus2 was used to write the original music, and then everything arranged in Reaper.

The musicians involved are Dave Tremblay, with the help of Brian Leong on vocals, from the Black Metal band Apathy.

If you have read the article about how the music was created you can probably guess that you are in for an unusual experience. You get to feel just how difficult the whole task actually was, but somehow it works. Brian Leong’s vocals work very well within the 26 EDO framework which can appear mysterious and diverse. It is not without its sensitive moments, one wishes some film producer would take this and use it within the film world, it is exciting and varied, we are told it is random due to its text based generation, but it feels far from that. Dave Tremblay has created an interesting and perhaps controversial work, pushing the boundaries has never been easy, but if you are into Black Metal and Tolkien, this hits all the right buttons.

Review: Jahloon – October 2016


Melopœia Project – 26 EDO album based on Tolkein’s Silmarillion – Ainulindalë (article on the techniques used) (Bandcamp page for Melopoeia)

Offsite Preview (Toilet ov Hell)

Melopoeia Facebook Page


One thought on “Album Review – Tolkein, Ainulindalë – Melopœia Project – 26 EDO album

  1. I thought it was fascinating how the chords begin to feel like words after a couple of listens; it’s like you can hear a direct connection between the music and the words, it doesn’t sound random at all to me, it sounds like someone speaking. Especially when we have someone reading the words at the same time, I feel like it’s making so many connections. This is going into a concept i thought of beyond homophony, where “super melodies” are made not just out of notes but out of chords used like notes.

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